MEOKO are excited to launch a new interview series, Music Through Pictures, in which we attempt to highlight the relationship between art, sound, images and music whilst also getting an insight into the musical minds of some of our favourite DJs and producers…

With this in mind, we thought D’julz would make a perfect candidate for the launch of this series. With a career spanning over two decades, D’julz (formally known as Julien Veniel) has undoubtedly made a critical and long-lasting impact on the culture of house and techno both in France, Europe and beyond. Perhaps his most famous contribution to electronic music has been the founding of his renowned Bass Culture parties back in 1997, the longest-running club night at Paris’ most legendary nightclub, Rex, and still running to this day. Ignoring the ebb and flow of trends over the past twenty years, D’julz has made his name through a consistently quality stream of production, with anthemic tracks being released on labels such as Ovum, 20:20 Vision, Pokerflat, Get Physical and many more. With the ever-growing success of his Bass Culture label, set up in 2009, and the recent release of his Special Day EP on Circus Company (listen here) once again expressing his timeless production skills, the Parisian techno veteran is still at the top of his game.

Djulz 4 - Jan 10 1500px


alone by buaiansayapanomali  

Stripped down, deep, hypnotic and futuristic. A modern combination of
King tubby and Steve Reich (two of my favorite musicians).



It‘s all over her face that she prefers drinking! 
Anyway, I’ve seized the opportunity to talk about the amazing Arthur
Russell and this timeless New York anthem.



Sci–fi and epic…it’s gotta be Detroit music.



Birds and crying….I can think of only one song! Prince was my hero in
the 80’s, I was a hardcore fan collecting all the records and bootlegs,
going to all the concerts…He still is the best live perfomer I’ve ever seen
to this day but I‘d rather not listen to any of his recent work.



Yes, I think she feels it! The first house track I ever heard and which
consequently changed my life…


Dark, spooky and menacing tune from these Chicago masters. Perfect
soundtrack to dismember somebody (I never thought I would actually
say that!)



I can’t think of any song made for Thor or Hulk Hogan, so I picked a tune
that describes what is probably going on in his head.



Dring dring…another hero calling!



I did play this track at an after party on a beach years ago and it just
made complete sense.


Listen to D’Julz new EP here
Visit his website here