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Georgio Oniani these days is synonymous with DAMAGED, a super cool East London underground party of which he founded with fellow DJ friend, Matteo Manzini. Along with playing as a resident for DAMAGED, you can spot his afro locks bouncing to his sophisticated & stylish sets at other similar events such as Keep On Going, OM and Half Baked. An aspiring artist as well, this creative all rounder inspired us at Meoko to ask him to be featured in our Music Through Pictures series, where we ask artists questions via images and they reply with their thoughts and tracks. Check out Georgio’s impressive artistic knowledge and diverse musical taste as he writes poetry and shares tracks from Ricardo Villalobos to Marilyn Monroe




A clouded mind, reflecting in isolation, but you are never really alone. It might be dark for now but the sun will rise again.




“Designers want me to dress like Spring, in billowing things. I don’t feel like Spring. I feel like a warm red Autumn.” – Marilyn Monroe

Autumn is simply charming, it’s the time when nature decays, while creativity rises. It’s also the ideal time to say bye bye to some things and open the doors of fresh perception.




The Eiffel tower (not the one in Las Vegas) is a cultural icon of France. It was built by Gustave Eiffel, who initially compared it to the Egyptian Pyramids. The tower was highly criticised by French intelligentsia, especially by the architect Charles Garnier, who addressed it as a “hateful column of bolted sheet metal”. Ironically, a century later another Garnier juxtaposed the word “ACID” next to it, whilst irrevocably shifting the course of French electronic music.




Some people find those who live in their own little bubble are out of touch with “reality”. One could say that Dali lived in his own bubble, but I think we have all benefited from that. Don’t you?

Basically what i am trying to say is that there is nothing wrong with a talking white rabbit with a giant clock… 




I always respected skateboarding as it demands commitment, style, creation and attitude. It also means taking risks and getting hurt. It is practiced by anti-establishment nonconformists, rebel stoners and free-thinking street smarts, who largely reject rules and love a good chill. I can’t skate btw…. but its ethos has always been embedded within me.




In 1983 John Cage began a composition named Ryoanji (Peaceful Dragon) a highly conceptual piece with complex methodology. It was inspired by 15th Century minimalist art of  the Zen garden in Kyoto. The garden is a collection of 15 rocks, placed in a landscape in seemingly random clusters.




Apparently white peacocks are not necessarily considered to be true albinos, but who cares?

This image almost identically reminds me of a dream I once had where I saw a peacock, which was so utterly beautiful but it was blocking my view to something even more stunning…it was some sort of magical dream house. I tried my hardest to get to it, but the charming peacock kept getting in my way. It is important to look beyond the peacock sometimes…




If you ever get trapped in a special place with the wrong person, the best thing you can do is to pick up your ipod or whatever (If you were clever enough to bring it)  and listen to something that can take you away and relocate you sonically.




I have always found nature so musical, both visually and audibly, because of its complexity, as well as minimalism, structural and dynamic tendencie and depth. Its infinite world of sounds can make a composition almost from any standpoint that one listens from. Symbiosis of chaos and harmony coexist together, allowing organic interaction for the similar as well as the opposite forces.




Repetition is something we encounter on a daily basis, like seeing a moon each night for example but things are never exactly the same, are they? There are always micro changes that occur – repetition has its own flux.

For me, Moondog’s rhythms resemble this idea of the repetition in flux. His music was characterised by what he called “snaketime”, describing it as a “a slithery rhythm, in times that are not ordinary … ” Moondog categorically refused to die in 4/4 time.




If you wait patiently, a new wave always come to the shore. The Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of Rock defines the term ‘New Wave’ as virtually meaningless, I guess because differences between the original idea of the new wave and other music genres are vastly blurred these days. Nevertheless, every now and then a modern wave always brings some special presents to us.




The subconscious is an invisible space that we can enter through our dreams, thus its visual representation is often quite surreal. Sound is also an invisible phenomena of a transient nature, which can appear no less surreal for our imaginations.


Catch Georgio play next for much anticipated Half Baked party as they celebrate their 5 year anniversary, or for his next DAMAGED event. 


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