Music Through Pictures
 is a special interview series, in which MEOKO gives an artist nine images and asks for nine corresponding tracks in return; highlighting the relationship between art, sound, images and music, and at the same time gaining a fun insight into the musical minds of some of our favourite DJs and producers…

giles smith pic

Giles Smith is one of those special ‘tastemakers’ that only come about once in a while; something to be cherished in an age when house and techno fever is spreading to all four corners of the world, and influencers are found in every country, yet we have one right here under our nose. An avid record collector, DJ, party promoter, producer and founder of a booking agency and record label, (often alongside his business partner and fellow resident James Priestley) has been leaving his mark on local and international house scenes for over a decade now. His secretsundaze parties changed the landscape of London clubbing, and moulded a new format of partying, and from its success he has co-founded The Secret Agency, secretsundaze records, and a celebrated mix compilation series. On top of that, he plays wicked tunes. Oh and he makes wicked tunes. His debut album Golden Age Thinking made with his good friend Martin Dawson, who tragically passed away prior to its full release (together they were ‘Two Armadillos‘) is both a fitting tribute to Dawson’s life and legacy, and to the unique sonic influence Smith himself brings to the table. Knowing the extent of his musical history knowledge and having experienced his widely varying sets, we were intrigued to see how he would respond to our Music Through Pictures interview concept – we won’t spoil it for you, but there are nine tracks below that you will most definitely want to introduce into your life…

giles factory 1



giles badger 2


giles summer 3



giles candy 4



giles miles 5


giles blossom 6



giles duet 7


giles rabbit 8


giles festie 9



For more Giles Smith, catch him playing this Sunday 30th June alongside Sven Weisemann, Amir Alexander, and James Priestley at secretsundaze meets Oval Space Music at Oval Space, Bethnal Green.

You can buy 2nd Release tickets for the party here.