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A producer who’s range of influences leave the listener in a state of mystery. Somewhere between the atmospherics of dusk time house music infused with jazz and an under growth of techno, Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts is another fresh talent from Montreal to bless the Northern Hemisphere. An elegant producer who’s sound stays true to the roots of dance music giving that sought after organic feel to his sound. Despite his strong place in the ever-blossoming world of Berlin dance music, his experiences in Parisian nightlife and releases on the likes of Karat and affiliations with Circus company have shaped his spiritual yet dynamic attitude. Long lasting influences in stripped back percussion and folk music carries seamlessly into his sound and provided a great opportunity to be a part of our Music Through Pictures Series. See what Guillaume had in response to some images from MEOKO HQ.





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The first thing that came to my mind while looking at this picture is that famous clip where you see James Brown inviting a young Michael Jackson on the stage who in time invites a young Prince to join them. What an incredible piece of history right there.

Prince… what a genius maniac (another must see is Kevin Smith telling the story of his failed attempt in documenting the release of The Rainbow Children).

My favorite album of his is probably Sign ‘o the times.

Gotta love this one.






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Undercover, unexpected… unexpected guest. One of my all time favorite electronic music track ever.  That melody…wow. It’s such a great hook. I remember hearing this one for the first time and rushing to my studio in Montreal to try and recreate something similar. Incredibly inspirational timeless piece. 








Daniel Lanois is a great inspiration to me because of his music and because of the intensity he immerses himself in his project. A great artist and craftsman that I hold in high esteem. I can imagine him driving down to Oaxaca on his motorbike (his studio following him in a eighteen wheeler). That trip became the inspiration for Belladonna.








A Japanese adaptation of Harmony Korine’s Gummo?


Or possibly this if Pikachu turns out to be a flesh hungry zombie.









At first I thought of Edvard Grieg’s music. It looks like a frozen Norwegian sea… but then I remember the cold, solitary and soul searching music of Bohren & Der Club of Gore.

Beautiful, introspective and potentially dangerous.








1982 Indian proto acid house.








Hmm… I have to admit I thought about EDM at first.  But since there is just no way I’ll put a link for something like that, here is a link to a unbelievable song. From Paul White’s new album Shaker Notes. Constant rotation in my living room.








I remember one time my kid waking up at 3 am when I was listening to this song with a friend of mine. We were just hanging out, sipping a good cognac and listening to great music. He hung out with us, totally cool, listening to the grooves and sniffing our glasses. He was 3.

This song is  perfect.








Ha. Here’s a track I made with a friend a few years back. The break makes you gasp for air. It’s called Mission Sous-Marine (but almost inherited of the name Mission Sous-Martine) and our project was called Destination Danger. An ode to the british cult serie Danger Man. 






MTP 10


Wow, memory works in weird ways… I used to water ski with my cousin. For some reason I remembered a party we had in her basement in Quebec city. I recall that song playing a few times that night.

I love that game.



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