Music Through Pictures is a new interview series, in which MEOKO gives an artist nine images and asks for nine corresponding songs in return. We’re hoping this can highlightsthe relationship between art, sound, images and music, whilst at the same time gaining a fun insight into the musical minds of some of our favourite DJs and producers…

Kate Simko is a woman of many talents: DJ, producer, film composer, classical pianist. She has achieved a degree in Music Technology, studied composition under Aliocha Salavera in Chile, and produced copious amounts of work including three albums, various EPs, film soundtracks, audio-visual works, as well as peforming live/DJ sets around the globe. As well making stand-out house tracks, such as ‘Go On Then’ featuring Jem Cooke, her talents have been put to effect on stage through her sound design for Richard Sherridan’s The School for Scandal performed at the Barbican Centre in 2011. She’s been typically busy of late: alongside completing her ‘Lost in London’ EP on Get Physical, Kate has been working with artist Bruno Levy to produce an audio-visual interactive performance, which combines the stop-motion photographic video Crystals with musical performance by recreating the patterns and rythms of crystals growing under a microscope through sound. Her involvement with the project makes Kate a perfect candidate for our Music Through Pictures feature and, as was expected, she responded to our nine images with a diverse selection of inspiring and iconic tracks from the likes of Cat Power, Boards of Canada, Len Faki and Kate Simko herself…


– 1 – 


“Elephants – I’m going with the first couple words that come to mind when looking at these images. Brought to mind my Argentine friend Dilo’s band, Elephant Pixel.” 

– 2 – 


“Destruction Berghain – Dub techno, industrial vibes…”


– 3 – 

altiplano-bolivia-bike-road 49135 600x450

“Hippy cyclist – Swap a couple letters and we’re on to this classic on
Warp Records…”


– 4 –


“1960’s California – Chet Baker, 60’s pretty face of California jazz. Would
love to be driving along the ocean in this car, listening to Chet. If you
have time, check out the documentary about his life, Let’s Get Lost. I
made a track inspired by that film, called Down Beat on Spectral Sound. 
Not to digress, but I do love some Chet in my life!”


– 5 – 


“Heroin Sax – I’m not sure this is John Coltrane on saxophone, but he’s
a mind blower, so I dedicate this picture to him…”


– 6 – 

Deviantart IMtm

“Rave Anthem – The original Donna Summer song is my favorite rave
anthem of all time. In my teens in Chicago, the house DJs mixed in this
disco anthem and it was just as much a house anthem too. This is a
top rework, out last year, which has been a staple in my DJ sets lately.”



– 7 – 

img 1119-copy copy

“Fantasy escape  – Cat Power walking towards the sea…”


– 8 – 

ke1220 copy

“Florida – This reminded me of the Everglades in Florida, which brought 
to mind Diplo’s album under the same name a few years back…”


– 9 –


“Breakdown – Brings to mind a line from my new tune with Jem Cooke on
vocals: “Breaking down and taking out the melody inside my brain…”



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