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You &ME, always. Confusing names and romantic wordplay aside, &ME is yet another piece in the Keinemusik jigsaw. Recently we saw Rampa offer his thoughts in a Not So Serious feature, but here we have label mate and fellow Berliner &ME serve up some responses to evocative visual stimuli. The latter’s first release, “F.I.R” on Keinemusik was something of a breakthrough clubhit. Since then he has gone about establishing himself on the international circuit as a master of big room house in both production and DJing. A DJ to whom building tension and creating a sweat on the dancefloor comes naturally, &ME doesn’t mess about in his sets that infuse rolling basslines, tribal rhythms and frenzied high-pitched interjections that will set off the most placid of dancers.




Rain Drops  


Can’t really tell what is in the picture. It might be snake skin but it could also be latex with some water drops on it. Either way – you can touch and feel it.


Kevin Yost, Peter Funk – Close to my Skin (Touch & Feel Mix) 






Don’t know if this thing exists but it has to be somewhere out of space. Slick will take you right to it.




Facebook Lookout


Everybody is complaining about Facebook about its “Big Brother” attitude that the picture is quoting. My buddy Re.You even made a song about it 😉







This is easy. I have to confess that I had to check if an owl is really a bird but – yes! Enter the birdland.





Salt Flats


“Gonna take you to a place – that you’ve never been before” is Rob’s line in this track and he is right. Never been to that place before.





Tower of London


The first thing that came into my mind was Game of Thrones but the techy background doesn’t fit in that picture. I guess Wamdue Project describes the cheesiness best.





Haunted House


Haunted house galore. Must be right out of a horror flick so sit back and enjoy the 10 hour mix of the Halloween theme while staring at the picture.




Tiger not a Lion


Could be a scene out of Lion King where little Susi pretend to be Kimba’s child but I never watched it so I totally don’t know.







Always need to think of old Rampa or Rebolledo when I see a moustage. I know that he is from Chile and the picture is showing a Mexican guy I guess, but I love the track so let’s drop it.





Jaws Theme


And another theme is coming into my mind. Definitely not Flipper – it’s the other thing with a fin.




Keinemusik’s label-crew sampler Workparty Five is out now featuring &ME’s track “Birdland”. The vinyl includes stunning artwork by Monja Gentschow and can be bought here





By Geoffrey Chang



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