Music Through Pictures is a new interview series, in which MEOKO gives an artist nine images and asks for nine corresponding songs in return. We’re hoping this will highlight the relationship between art, sound, images and music, whilst also gaining a fun insight into the musical minds of some of our favourite DJs and producers…

Formally known as Colin McBean, and previously a member of the KCC trio and one half of 90s techno act, The Advent, Mr. G is nothing less than a UK techno veteran. From his involvement in sound system culture in the 80s, the legendary weekly Confusion parties he helped throw, and street-dancing on stage at techno parties, through to his recent resurgence since joining the Rekids imprint, Mr. G has influenced a whole techno culture. Repetitive (without being repititious) and relentless, analogue-driven techno, with the kind of infectious bassline that only a man rooted in the history of dub and reggae could ever produce. He makes it literally impossible not to dance. For this reason, we absolutely jumped at the chance to have him take part in our Music Through Pictures interview series ahead of his upcoming gig in London, intrigued to find out what musical delights he would give us in response to the nine images we provided. Never one to disappoint, Colin came back with an eclectic variety of classics and stompers, all demonstrating the complexity of his musical influences, with artists ranging from Radiohead, Big Youth, Dexter Wansal and Paul McCartney


 – 1 – 


“Reminds me of uptown Bronx and this
slice o’ chocolate pop fits just right to me…”



– 2 –


“Way too much drama here…so let’s lighten
things up and add some fun!”




 – 3 –


“This is my blazing tune….one of the original
masters, Big Youth. Heavy tune. A rebel sound!”




– 4 – 


“We have lift off…… i.e. Future Jazz”



– 5 – 


“Where’s the party at?….you know Mr. G gonna
come rock da Party!”



 – 6 –

MRG-6 copy

“Dexter, the master of space and time music…
and yeah, time is a teacher.”



– 7 – 

MRG-7 Broken TV

“There are many places in the world this could
be…and it lets me know just what the world is?”




– 8 –


“Looks pretty perfect to me…but is everything
in the right place?”



– 9 –


“If you love me Lord…take me higher and




Catch Mr. G playing LIVE alongside Rodhad at OneMore on Saturday 27 April in London.

See the event and buy tickets here.