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Music Through Pictures is a special interview series, in which MEOKO gives an artist a number of images and asks for corresponding tracks in return, highlighting the relationship between art, sound, images and music, and at the same time gaining a fun insight into the musical minds of some of our favourite DJs and producers…

pleasurekraft whiteburn2


Pleasurekraft is Kalle Ronngardh and Kaveh Soroush’s immaculately conceived baby (their words) – the resulting music releases making them easily the second most influential immaculate conception of all time. With Kaveh from Washington DC and Kalle hailing from Sweden, the two form an international duo with a simple mission to get you dancing to their unusual groove. Their label Kraftek is churning out quality techno by the ice-bucket-load, with a remixes EP just out, a remix of Booka Shade’s ‘Crossing Borders’ round the corner and a new album pencilled in for an Autumn release. Their responses to our pictures have turned up some excellent tunes from their vast musical knowledge that we may never have otherwise heard…




Pretty much all intense pictures of people drumming remind me of Danny Carey of Tool – this picture specifically reminded me of his drum work during the bridge section of “Jimmy” off one of my favorite albums of all time “AEnima” (picked by Kaveh)





Calculated and mathematical – this Escher piece just lends itself so naturally to the work of Philip Glass. Despite the use of optical illusion it has a certain melancholy to it as though all the paths and stairs all lead to nowhere but right back into the maze again. Kind of Kafka-esque and made me think of “Temple of the Golden Pavilion” with its somber undertone beneath the beautiful melodies that glide above it. (picked by Kaveh) 





This is for me a love song, and one of my favorite songs of all time. Me and a friend listened and danced to this track at least 20 times in a row at an afterparty. I never grow tired of it. (picked by Kalle)





This song just explodes in to euphoria. Multiple times. (picked by Kalle)



6-Glass ceiling


One of my favorite vocalists – something about this cover of the famous Cucurrucucu just reflects the harmony in great architecture natural or man made.  This specific version is the orchestral one used in Wong Kar Wai’s “Happy Together” as opposed to the more famous guitar based one. (picked by Kaveh)



7-Dark way


A Swedish folk/electronica duo who perfectly captures the mood I’m getting from this. (picked by Kalle)




Can you believe this guy was only 16 back when he made this track? (picked by Kalle)




Eerie and otherworldly – the singular Jocelyn Pook is such a genius in my opinion.  She was the composer behind the infamous mansion initiation/orgy scene in Kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Shut” – and to me this picture of the bleak moonscape reminded me of “Butterfly Song”. (picked by Kaveh) 


Picked by Kalle