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Music Through Pictures is a special interview series, in which MEOKO gives an artist a number of images and asks for corresponding tracks in return, highlighting the relationship between art, sound, images and music, and at the same time gaining a fun insight into the musical minds of some of our favourite DJs and producers…


Already credited for his sincere brand of techno, German producer Recondite plays with the spaces in between notes, often utilizing field recordings into his stiff and upfront productions to give them a certain emotive, ethereal quality. With an album, Hinterland, under his belt on Ghostly International and a handful of releases already accumulated in a matter of years on the likes of Hotflush, Dystopian and L.A’s Acid Test, the lower-Bavarian producer has honed the art of expressive electronic music to a personally fine art. It makes the introverted and thoughtful name a perfect choice for out latest Music Through Pictures feature, where he matches a selection of images with the music. Looking at things in an intricate light, the producer no doubt looks between the lines as he merges art and music for MEOKO below.


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For more about Recondite, catch him play at the XO Festival in Belgium happening on the 6, 7 & 8 of June

More information on the event and for tickets CLICK HERE

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