Music Through Pictures Dennis FerrerMusic Through Pictures is a special interview series, in which MEOKO gives an artist a number of images and asks for corresponding tracks in return, highlighting the relationship between art, sound, images and music, and at the same time gaining a fun insight into the musical minds of some of our favourite DJs and producers…

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The US’s calibre of ‘classic’ DJs is often a wide, varied and celebrated vintage, the North American continent having been responsible for some of house music’s most enduring and recognisable names. Visionary producer, Objektivity label head and all-round New York hero Dennis Ferrer is one of the names that constantly spring to mind. Having carved his influence in both the house and techno scenes in the 90s with close support from legends in the game like Kerri Chandler, Ferrer has now earned the ‘legendary’ status in his own right. A champion of House music in all its forms, his releases have consistently been catalysts for change.

Here, Mr Ferrer throws his heart and soul into Music Through Pictures, offering his interpretations to ten striking images through the language of music, matching each one with a track that springs to mind and the reasons why. A true ‘House Master’ gets deep as music and art collide….

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For more Dennis Ferrer, catch him playing this Saturday, 1st of March alongside DJ QU and Rick Wade at Oval Space Music. 

More information about the event and for tickets CLICK HERE 

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