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Floyd Lavine has lived a life we can all dream of, starting off his DJ career in his hometown Cape Town, moving to London to explore his music passion further and now bringing is original mixing style to the techno capital of Berlin (being a resident for RISE at Watergate). He is one of the most diverse selectors around and his gigs have varied from small intimate Cape Town parties to Glastonbury and Wanderlust. We were lucky enough to get in touch with the incredibly cool and funny DJ/ producer and we had a not so serious chat with him to find out a little bit more as well as a brand new mix!

The best ever after party song?


Well this depends on the mood of the of the after party, but Phreakymotherfucker by Mike dunn or if its a freaky after party it’s moody and dark the moodymann ‘s freaky mother fucker ha! 


What makes a Cape Town party special?

Well Cape Town is a beautiful city and I guess it depends on the vibe you looking for. You can get amazing outdoors festivals or you can be at a really cool warehouse spot like ColorBox which host some really cool parties or be in-town and be at night clubs Era night club or Vice City or Waiting Room . there are some cool and fun peeps in Cape town so I would say the people make the party special in cape town .

What’s the craziest dream you’ve ever had?

The Craziest dream I had was me in wonderland looking for Alice…I found her and we went to a after party 😉 just the 2 of us .


Your funniest ever story?

I have too many to mention but it all starts with this one time at an after party haha

Something nobody would believe about you?

I guess there a loads of things but the most is that I actually love drinking Tea loads of different types of Tea …and i love scrolling on Facebook. ha! until my wrist hurts

You’re a very stylish guy but we all make our mistakes…what’s your biggest fashion error?


My worst mistake was wearing all Black haha i tried it Damn thats so boring . i love colors .. for me colors represent a mood, the feeling of life and expressiveness and fun, not taking life to seriously but enjoying it . u know . ..


Who is your biggest inspiration in this world?

My Family is number 1 and apart from that – looks for me the closest people to me are all my inspiration they shape who I am. So I only keep people around me that challenge me to be a better person

Would you rather be invisible or be able to fly and why?

Fly baby flyyyyy . why because flying is fun . and also it will be cheaper to fly home.

Your favourite condiment?

Chilli and Mustard, chilli brings the spice and mustard gives an unexpected kick


The three things you couldn’t live without?

A kick drum , my small donkey and my rave kit 😉

What’s the most embarrassing thing you have ever done?

I embarrass myself nearly everyday but you know what I’m starting to feel more comfortable cos it means I’m trying … you have to be comfortable in your “humanness ” to be ok with being embarrassed .


Have you ever had an imaginary friend?

Yeah Mr wonkymann haha he comes out on the weekend and at after-hours

Tell us a secret…nobody’s listening!

I cut my toes nails yesterday … eeeeuw

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If you could create one law what would it be?

Everybody must just create, that will be the law , cos i believe that everybody has the ability to be creative . 🙂


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