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Jef K – The mystery black cat of house music. For his talent he remains fairly anonymous, but the Paris based Silver Network label boss holds some serious flair when it comes to delivering the necessary grooves for a party. A slick approach to the dance floor, Jef K knows his stuff and has demonstrated his variety playing with an array of diverse Djs across many spectrums of house music at some of the top underground events. We joined the man himself for an inside scoop to some irrelevant information in a Not So Serious session.




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Hey Jef, thanks for getting Not So Serious with MEOKO!

Bonjour Meoko !


What is the strangest thing you have ever bought?

A medical vinyl from the 70’s with recordings of real heartbeats


How would you describe the taste of snails?



What is the best Prank you have ever pulled?

Entering a club for free in Miami during WMC pretending we are Daft Punk


A night that went out of control?

With my girlfriend last Sunday


What comes first to your mind if I say “missed flight”?



What is your most important item while being on tour?

My computer and my electronic cigarette


If you could live in a movie, which one would it be?

The Blues Brothers because We Are On A Mission


Describe a situation where you got lost?

A bit drunk in Beijing trying to go back to the hotel by myself


The worst plane food you ever had?



If you could spend the day with one celebrity, who would it be and why?

Having a few drinks with Michel Houellebecq (French author) could be interesting …


If you could choose a venue and a line up what would it be?

Dream venue is of course Fabric – London when Ricardo and Craig are playing …


Something funny that happened at an event where you played at?

It’s always a good laugh with my mates at the Katapult boat parties in Paris …


What do you do after you have played at an event?

I wish I’d go to bed !


The sexiest house tune you can think of?

Paul Johnson “Feel My MF Bass”


Catch Jef K play next on the 18th of October in Birmingham


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Catch Jef K play next on the 8th of November in Paris


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