Ever since 2011s influx with ‘Love In Me’ it has been hard to ignore Laura Jones, and why would you want to?

Her name’s appearance on any bill is the sure sign of a quality set; humble, honest and from the heart are traits that can be used to describe a Laura jones musical experience. Proven perhaps with a residency at the one place where it all started for her, DC10, her career is one that has come full circle and is no doubt a product of pure passion.  Where this acheivement is perhaps the cherry on the cake for Jones personally, DC10 is just just the tip of her global touring iceberg.  

Here she proves once and for all why she is our favourite northern crate digger  and producer of lethal weapons, as we get not so serious


The first time I went to DC10 I…

Had my eyes and ears opened and my head totally and utterly blown off (in a good way)


To wake me up, I need…

Not a lot of incentive. I’m one of those who seem to operate better on less sleep and I’m grateful for that as there really aren’t enough hours in the day.

If you were to be born again in a different era, which would you pick?

The one where we’re mingling with aliens, visiting other planets and galaxies and zipping around in flying saucers.


What is your secret weapon tune when approaching the karaoke booth?

Stand by Me. I used to sing this as a kid, when it comes to karaoke always go with what you know. 

Would you rather have a voice like Mariah or moves like Jagger?

Moves like Jagger obviously. If you’d asked me if I’d rather have a voice like Adele or moves like Jagger, I’d probably have to say Adele though.

Sum up your hometown Leeds in one tune, sentence or phrase…

Ugly but amazing, fiery but friendly, lively but perfectly sized.

The advice I would give my younger self is…

Don’t be afraid of opportunity and don’t be afraid to fail.

Where is your inner place?

On a yoga mat on my sitting room floor for thirty minutes every morning.

Which is more impressive – art or science?

Depends which art and science you’re talking about. And when science is truly great it’s almost artistic and vice versa.


Were you a (crosstown) rebel at school?

Sadly not. The rebellious days came later…

Where would you set sail to on your (vision) quest?

India, to an ayurvedic guru specialising in eyes…

My lucky charm is…

My other half, Gavin. Sadly, he doesn’t fit on a keyring or bracelet.

gravy copy

Something that makes you go mmm…

Fish and chips smothered in gravy. Yes southerners, you read that right, gravy. Fish and chips without it is just weird.


Laura has her latest EP ‘Eskipade’ out now on Visionquest.

Listen to the release and buy it here.


Written By Eileen Pegg