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Rampa is one of those lucky DJs who has found themselves as one piece of a small super close-knit music label-cum-collective, Keinemusik, which translates precisely as “nothing music”. The German imprint consists of only six associates including Monja who is responsible for their stunning artwork. Partnering up on numerous occasions with good friends &ME and Re.You for original collaborations as well as remixes, it is clear their production tastes are very closely aligned and they like to keep it “Keine”. That is not to forget the rest of the team in Adam Port, David Mayer and Reznik who each pull their weight in their Workparty crew sampler releases. Rampa stormed dancefloors with his 2012 hit “Everything” which is just one of many examples of his use of vocal sampling to create a feverish frenzy on the dancefloor. A producer with a penchant for rumbling big-room house and techno, Rampa got loose with us in a Not So Serious Session…


Who is your favourite DJ to hang out with and why?

&ME because we have always the same vodka level and very smart things to talk about.


Your favourite back-to-back?

Re.You because our b2b is a live show.


What’s the biggest disaster to happen to you behind the decks?

I had to puke just a second after I cut the bass…That time the break was little longer 😉 I can’t really remember but the guys told me so…and it was at a Keinemusik label night. I didn’t drink alcohol for about 7 months and that party was my comeback.


The strangest venue you’ve played?

There was this club in Canada where the DJ booth was facing the wall not the dancefloor…strange enough?


Who is your musical guilty pleasure?

Take That – Never Forget



Your greatest non-musical hero?

Uffff, maybe Lobsang Rampa aka Cyril Henry Hoskin…the writer i took the name from 😉


24 hours left on earth, 1 record to listen to on repeat, what’s it going to be?

Probably better to listen to something happy in that situation…Oh no! It’s gonna be Marvin Gaye, “Let’s Get It On!” 24 hours left, I think you know what’s the best thing to do right 😉 Sexy time!


1 record to torture someone with on repeat?

Tomorrowland Anthem 2013 (alternatively Anthem 2014).


What’s the most precious record you’ve lost or broken? 

Never lost or broke one. 


If you could bring back one person from the dead, who would it be and why?

Biggie…no need to explain!



What is your party trick (apart from playing great records)?

Vodka soda and cheesy magic tricks.


The best meal you’ve had from promoters?

Risotto from Matze Cramer (Rote Sonne Munich) because he cooked it for us at home and it was sooo good! Also it felt more cosy and relaxed than dining in a restaurant.


What is your food hell?

Liquorice with liquorice sauce.


What is your ultimate day out?

Being high in an amusement park…My favourite is Europa-park.



The Keinemusik gang is currently on their FIVE Tour 2014. The remaining dates are:

08.11 Rome, Goa, IT

14.11 Moscow, Madplace, RU

15.11 Berlin, Watergate, DE


The Workparty 5 anniversary is released on November 17th.



By Geoffrey Chang



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