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Timo Maas, one of the infamous and primary architects of the dance scene, has joined us to talk about all things not so serious. Over 10 years as resident of DC10 Ibiza, with multiple releases in various spectrums of music on labels such as Last Night On Earth, Cocoon and My Favourite Robot Records, to name a few, he has influenced the careers and paths of many. He currently runs his Rockets and Ponies label with Santos in which no real outser space gravity experiments have taken place or animals sent into the cosmos but some intriguing relases and projects have been made. How far he has come since his first DJ passport stamp when visiting Bristol way back in 1985. A man with plenty experience who has seen the club environment inside out gives us an insight on his opinions in all things irrelevant.



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Hi Timo, thanks for getting Not So Serious with us!


I looove being Not So Serious


I-D Magazine Podcast



What is your weirdest friendship?


My manager Niko, he`s seriously from another planet! Its a good and creative friendship too! i think, he has 6 arms or so…but he hides them always.


What is the funniest thing you have seen on a dancefloor?


A couple in rabbit costumes shagging with each other


What comes to your mind if I say “Hotel rooms”?


Can I have a late checkout please?


Morcheeba Remix


What is your most embarrassing moment?


Trying to be very cool and running into a closed door at the same time.


The strangest request you have had from someone while playing?


Sorry…seriously too many…like “Can u play R.E.M.?”, “Can I give u a b***j**”?


If you had to be sent to space forever and could only take one person with you,

who would it be?


My friend Bob.


A night that went out of control?


@ DC10, on mushroom tea, stagediving, forgot the rest…


Timo Maas – Tantra (Official Video) /// Rockets & Ponies


The most precious thing you have ever lost?




Blond, brunette or Ginger?


All pls…chop chop!


If you could choose a super power, what would it be?


Making dogs talk.


Crossing Wires Mix CD for My Favorite Robot


The best line to pick up a girl?


Sorry, I`m not a DJ.


If you could change one thing about society what would it be?


No more religion.


If the end of the world was near to come, what would you pack?


Nothing, as its the end of the world.


Radio 1 Hall Of Fame


If you would be invisible, whom would you spy on first?


No one, i don`t wanna know.


Would you rather have Skrillex or Richie Hawtin’shaircut?


I would rather shave my hair off completely.


If you woke up one day and you found out that you had become the opposite sex, what would the first thing you’d do?


Play with my tits!


Who is your partner in crime to drink jaggermeister with?


Bob again.



Catch Timo play at Unleash in London on the 14th of November alongside Martin Buttrich!








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