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Marco Resmann has been making waves in the house and techno scene since the mid-90s, and where better a place to make a name for yourself than his hometown Berlin. Successful both in producing and DJing, there is no end to Marco’s knowledge and passion. Marco is also big on partnerships, djing and producing with Norman Weber under their partnership ‘Luna City Express’ on Moon Harbour Records and collaborating with Tassilo Ippenberger and Thomas Benedix as ‘Pan-Pot’ with Mobilee Records.


These amazing projects were just the start of Marco’s career, earning him a residency at one of Berlin’s most loved clubs Watergate. Marco also founded Upon.You Records with the help of Hawks Grunert and Marcus Meinhardt which features over 60 releases from artists like ONNO and Emerson Todd, holding nights at Watergate and even Panorama Bar. Marco himself still collabs in ‘Luna City Express’ all these years later, but mostly now focuses on a solo career under his birth name. Many years ago we did a not so serious with the man himself and have now had a more up to date chat with Marco.

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Something you wouldn’t guess I’m interested in is…

I’m totally into gardening my balcony. Besides all that stress I have it’s very calming!

A song I absolutely hate is…

German Folk Music as well as its singers and the audience of this genre.

The most breathtaking experience I have ever had is..

Parachuting. I did it together with my best friend when we both turned 30 and almost peed my pants.  

My favourite subject at school was….

History and I still love it. But I sometimes fell asleep during the classes when I started my with party career in the ealy 90s.

When I was younger I wanted to be a….

I really thought that I was talented and good enough to become a professional footballer.

My drink of choice is….

Rum on the rocks!

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The best club in the world is….

Does only one really exist?

My favourite sight in the world is….

Definitely the TV Tower in Berlin. Not only because I see it daily but my granny was also part of the team that built the antenna in the late 60s. 

The best live act is…

I really enjoy watching Reggie Watts. What a dude!

The person who has the best voice in the world is….

My almost 3 years old daughter when she sings laudly and off-key.

Marco is back with new four track EP ‘Olympia’ out on the 12th August with Poker Flat Recordings. The EP is full of driving tech-house rhythms and trippy rollers and is definitely worth checking out! You can pre-order the EP here and check out Marco on Soundcloud here.