An artist that sparked our curiosity a while back is on today’s Not So Serious stage. Jacopo Latini, a Bologne-based producer, has steadily risen in popularity over the last few years, with releases on Mood Waves, and his own Taboo Traxx which he co-founded, laying the groundwork for his sound. Positioning himself in the eye of the storm, Jacopo has reached an accomplished state of equilibrium with his most recent Rumore Bianco EP. The EP is absolutely sick, with all of the necessary components to get you dancing and a true fresh approach in its rounded basslines and cosmic melodies. Not to mention that his collaboration with Giammarco Orsini, Data Memory Access, is also soaring to new heights, as the duo debuted their live performance at the Picnic’s 10-year fabric takeover, and it went off without a hitch.

MEOKO catches up with Jacopo Latini to get a Not So Serious insight on what superpower he’d like to have and how he imagines partying in year 3000 would look like…

  •  Three Tunes That Never Leave Your Bag…

– Ricky. R – Underground Morality 

– Look, Love, Listen – Robot Man (Edit) 

– Mad Mike – Hi – Tech Dreams 


  •  I know it’s weird, but I really like to…

Enjoy silence! 

  •  What is your favorite 90s jam? 

It’s really difficult to just choose one. Everybody knows it was a crucial period for dance music in all of its forms; a huge legacy of DJs, artists and tracks that gave us a lot of inspiration to embrace the future. If I have to pick one…


  •  If you had a choice between two superpowers, being invisible or flying, which would you choose? 

Can I choose both? haha! 


  • What is an album you are into at the moment? 

Bicep – Isles 

  • Assuming that the world is going to end tomorrow, what would you do tomorrow? 

I would like to have a good dinner with the people I love, and then head directly to play at the best party of my life. 

  •  If you could blink your eyes and be in a favorite place right now, where would that place be? 

In a studio, immersed in nature with all the studio gear I have ever dreamed of. 


  •  If you could meet anyone, alive or dead? Who would that be? 

Thomas Banghalter and Guy Manuel de Homem-Christo (Daft Punk) 


  • Throughout my teenage years, I was listening to…

I would always have different playlists with a variety of genres. I have always loved the hip-hop sound, a lot of Italian stuff, but also Eminem, Dre, Notorious BIG, Tupac. 

At the same time, I started to buy records and CDs, around the age of 14/15 , this was my first interaction with electronic music, listening to Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk, Prodigy, and of course more club-oriented music, particularly house music. 

Geographically I grew up in a crucial place for the Italian club scene at that time – Bologna, which was supported during the summer by another magical place, Riccione. My first club experience was when I was 16, and I can happily say that nothing can beat that feeling. 

So I started to visit clubs often. Once back home I would search online for recorded DJ sets, upload them to my iPod and listen to them every day. I learned a lot doing that. 

  •  What’s the most crucial track of all-time? 

There is more than one, but if I have to choose: Kraftwerk – The Robots. 

  • Funniest thing I have ever seen…

Hmm…really don’t know. Probably a man (who I guess was a little high) was kissing the door at the entrance of the club as if it was his girlfriend. 


  • Producer to watch out for…

Data Memory Access 😉 

  • Describe what you feel like partying in the year 3000 will look like. 

I think history has always taught us that people have had the need to dance, perhaps by changing costumes, shapes, and music but the lowest common denominator remains. Maybe the parties in the future will have new colors, new rhythms, and new locations, but we have been dancing, we are still dancing, and will continue to dance forever.


Words by Monika Zander

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