On this episode of “Not So Serious” we’re joined by Tiago Walter, a DJ and producer who has sparked our curiosity in the past several years. A frequent visitor of the infamous Robert Johnson and active participator in private jam sessions, Tiago constantly grew his interest in electronic music and expanded his record collection. With his recently released ‘Be Low EP‘ on Jisul Records, the German artist continues to make a steady but determined mark on today’s electronic music scene. Whether it’s through his profound and rhythmic DJ sets or his perfectly crafted productions – which found a home on labels like 2X-RED, Sturo, 069-Page-Me, and Hoer – his sound features all the futuristic approach that makes him a certified one-to-watch. During 2018, Tiago and his flatmate at the time, Phil Evans, launched Walt Ever and began producing and playing records together. The result is a force to be reckoned with, a feeling that smoothly moves from the studio to the booth to, above all, the dance floor. Please welcome Tiago Walter to our Not So Serious Session…

1) Hi Tiago, thank you for getting Not So Serious with us…

The pleasure is on my side.


2) Describe your feelings when you play/make music.

Music gives me the possibility to go to a nice place without leaving the room.


3) Something you’d never expect I’m interested in is…

I’d say my law studies.


4) Pick your favorite track by Walt Ever.

I think it has to be „Trenna is a Dancer“. But I really like our album because it always reminds me of the great time we had together when we were flatmates.


5) How would you change this industry if you had the power to do so?

One of the most important things we need to change is how we get more diversity into lineups and the production scene. Most of the lineups are still about men. I wish there would be given equal chances to female artists. They need to be encouraged to even start to DJ or music production. I’ve seen the opposite happening to my female DJ-friends. All of them had a much more difficult way to go when it comes down to start a career in electronic music just because they are not male gender. That’s definitely something which needs to be changed.


6) Describe with one word your recent Be Low EP on Jisul Records

Honest I’d say.


7) The best live act is…

V.B. Kühl. If you didn’t hear about him yet, you definitely will in the future. He is too nice!


8) In a desert island scenario, with only one record and a turntable, which record would you listen to?

There is only one choice: Joao Gilberto. He’s the biggest inspiration when it comes down to minimalism. It would also be a nice sound for hanging at the beach, right?


9) Tell us about your hometown in one sentence, one track, or one phrase…

Wo simmer daheim? Frankfurt am Main!



10) The biggest disaster that has ever happened to you behind the decks?

Almost every technical problem already happened during my first years djing everywhere in Frankfurt.


11) The best night/day at Robert Johnson was…

As a visitor definitely the night when Markus Sommer and Phil Evans had their debut there. The whole club turned upside-down. As a DJ of course my own debut there.

12) What are your top three favorite tracks from any genre?

This question is really impossible to answer. Everytime I start thinking about it there is a never ending list of tracks in my head.


13) The most crucial thing to keep in mind when partying is…

To have fun, enjoy the music, be nice to each other and meet new people.


14) The best place to get records from is…

The new shop „Freizeit“ by my brother Phil Evans.


Words by Monika Zander


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