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After a mammoth 12 hour set with Boiler Room, with fans tuning in from all corners of the globe to get a peak at Derek’s intriguing approach to his day long selection, we caught up with the man himself for a Not So Serious interview after his not so serious set. The first man to get his children involved in Boiler Room – he sent a message to the world of music. Family techno is acceptable and music should be appreciated with no boundaries from all age groups. Truly encouraging footage for music heads and an inspirational day to see fully rigged hardware and a vast record selection in front of what looked like a New York terrace side crèche above the famous Bunker club. It is of credit to Plaslaiko and his reputation for being a true gent that presenting him with a selection of slightly inappropriate questions he managed to twist answers into something civilized. Take a look….


What is your favourite sound?

Well, for the past 20 years or so it’s been pretty much any sound made from a Roland TB-303. But, that all changed in April when I heard my son Elliott giggle for the first time.


Your favourite Detroit techno track?

The first 2 that popped in my head were Model 500’s “No U.F.O.s” and Rhythim is Rhythim’s “Icon”, so I’ll go with those. Both of them never get old, and rarely leave my crate.


The craziest party you’ve ever played in the 90s in Detroit?

There really are too many to list, but 1 always sticks out. There was a party called “It Don’t Quit”. It was a 2 room party, and Keith Kemp & I were set to play in the 2nd room along with a couple other people. Basically, the party was in the middle of Summer and there was zero ventilation in the 2nd room. Not much for the main room, either. I still have never witnessed extreme heat like this at any other party I have ever been to, or played at. We had brought a little box fan with us when we found out there were no fans there at all, and at the end of the night the blades on this thing were warped to the point that they looked melted into a swirl fashion. It shut down at some point in the night, but I’m sure it wasn’t making much of a difference anyways. The main room of the party had lots of crazy stories that you might expect in from an over-the-top extremely hot renegade party in the warehouse district of Detroit: fights, sex on pool tables, etc. However, I never saw any of that because at some point, I think Keith decided it was too hot in our room and left me up there to play by myself… which I did for hours. I had to wring my shirt out every 10 minutes because I was POURING sweat all over the mixer, as well as my records. Not many people stayed in the room for a very long time, but many *did* come back in every 15-20 to check on me as if to say “is Derek *really* still playing up there!??”. Mark Walls, a now really great friend of mine (I don’t think we were quite as close before that night) nicknamed me “Robo DJ” because I refused to stop playing in a room where nearly *anyone* would have (or in this case should have) stopped playing, or maybe wouldn’t have played in the first place.  It truly was *the* single hottest party ever.


The best night at The Bunker this year was…

Unfortunately, I am not qualified to answer that question properly. I have only played 1 Bunker this year due to me taking time off from travelling to do the stay-at-home dad thing. I’d say that’s been one of the hardest parts of my decision to do so. But, now that Elliott is getting to an age where we can have a couple friends help us out here and there, I can resume a somewhat reasonable touring schedule. So, maybe I could answer that question better next year.  🙂


If you could choose one guest DJ to play at The Bunker (alive or dead) who would it be?

While I feel it’s important to know that I don’t really have much of a say as to who Bryan books for Bunker, I’m quite sure his feelings would be mutual on this one: Autechre. Live, DJ, guest chefs… whatever they want.


If you could turn The Bunker into a kindergarten, would you?

Hahahah, nawwww. Most of those nights get way too messy.


Imagine you were a Hip Hop producer instead of a DJ… what would you call your artist name?

Taco Brown


If you could put together a rock band, members would include…

If it were actually possible, I would rather acquire a time machine and transport the 1968 – 1972 era of The Rolling Stones here to present day. I’d keep them around until their 1974, then repeat process.


Who is your most surprising doppleganger?


Dustin Diamond (the guy who played Screech on “Saved By The Bell”)


Who would you rather be? Jonah Hill or The Dude?


I would have to say

mostly because Jeff Bridges also played Flynn in Tron.


If you had to pick three tracks for your life soundtrack, what would they be?

This is an ever changing answer, but currently I would have to say “Only Tomorrow” by My Bloody Valentine, “Wild Good Chase” by Dark Dark Dark and “In Wearable Hertz” by Leisure Muffin.


If you were given 100 bucks to cut your locks, would you do it?

Probably not. I’m not a very vain person, but I would just look way too silly with a shaved head.


What can you do for 10 hours straight (other than play a Boiler room set)? [EDIT: 12 hours straight!]

Watch episodes of The West Wing.


Would you rather play a set on rollerblades or heels?

Gonna have to go with rollerblades on this one. I don’t know how women can handle wearing heels!


If you had to choose one DJ superpower that you don’t already have, what would it be?

I would say the power to play anything I want, whenever I want, and have people still respond positively.



Catch Derek playing next at Tresor, Berlin, for “Tresor Presents Perc Trax Vs Pole Group” on the 24th of October.


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