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Not So Serious with Super Flu

By September 19, 2014December 15th, 2019No Comments

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Super Flu is an electronic, unconventional duo, who pushes boundaries with music and their characters, as weird and fun tech-house guys (that like to play with goo, toy instruments and beautiful ladies). Super Flu’s music videos and social media pages are covered in quirky and sometimes very strange photos of themselves…Perfect for a Not So Serious interview. Their fun obviously doesn’t get in the way with their music output and quality. Respected in the music industry, Super Flu plays gigs in well-renown festivals, such as Fusion in Germany and clubs, such as Zig Zag in Paris. Creative beings indeed, they both play instruments such as the clarinet and the piano in a live band. In terms of musical output, they released their second album, Halle Saale at the end of last year, released tracks on labels such as Traum Schallplatten, and run their own label, Monaberry which celebrates 25 this year. Congratulations, Super Flu 😀

Tell me about Monaberry’s number one mascot, Herbert…

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Herbert is Felik’s grandpa and their are always doing music together. After we launched our Monaberry label we decided that he should be the manager and master mind. There are still a lot of things we can learn from him!


Would you rather give someone the flu for a week or catch a flu for a whole week? 

We would rather pass it onto some nice girls with who we can spend one week in bed.


The craziest thing you’ve ever done while playing a set?

Sometimes we do a 30 second music break in our sets and in this time we try to stand still, like a statue. We call it the “freezer”. 


Your most inspirational figure is… 

Jenna Haze… 


The strangest track you’ve ever produced?

We did a track in which we used samples of the voices of girls who entertained us in the solitude of our hotel rooms, but we have not released it so far.


The funniest prank you’ve ever pulled? 

I know it sounds really disgusting but a few years ago we met a really irritating guy during our holidays who wouldn’t leave us alone and in peace. So after some beers he got to smoke a bong with our pubic hair.


What philosophical ideas do you think about on the toilet? 

What is the question?


Describe a time when you trusted your intuition and found out you were wrong….

See the “strangest track you’ve ever produced” answer.


The goofiest outfit you’ve ever worn at a party?

We are playing in Frankfurt next week and the organiser has promised us hand tailored gold suits. Let´s see…


What instrument would you play while riding a dragon…naked?


Your mean Falkor the Luck Dragon, right? A sitar most likely.


Would you rather spend 10 pounds on 10 digital tracks or 1 vinyl?

We would spend 20 pounds on a nice concert!


Jo Gurt or Senamuun?

Sailor Moon


What track would you listen to while frying bacons and boiling eggs in the morning?

Isaac Hayes – Shaft


What words of advice would a cockatoo say to you?

You’ve baked a really lovely cake, but then it seems you’ve used dog shit as frosting.


Found that weird? There’s plenty more below:






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