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If you haven’t heard his name yet, where have you been over the last years? British quick growing talent Ben Pearce is the kid of underground scene. Hailing from Manchester, underground and avant-garde are unavoidable synonyms of his up-beat, enthralling music. Real clubbers appreciate. Ben’s tracks can undergo no precise classification as they easily pass from fast brilliant tunes to more melodic compositions thanks to the skilful use of vocals, but always lean towards deep house and late 90s dance. His flexible approach might depend on his boundless music knowledge, which together with his natural talent is the reason why he has been noticed worldwide, played alongside bigwigs as Seth Troxler and Theo Parrish and his name is generally on everyone’s lips, especially after he recorded the uber-successful track ‘What I might Do’.

MEOKO couldn’t avoid teasing this young talent in yet another laid back tit for tat, also known as “Not So Serious Sessions”.

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What’s the thing that keeps you going?

Double espresso’s & orange juice in the mornings at airports, that’s my go-to! Or carrot & ginger juice if i can get it

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Please tell us the worst pun you’ve ever heard…

I think worst puns are the best, I love one liners like ‘I really like what mechanics wear…overall’

Favourite drink, with recipe please.

Right now,… it’s got to be with egg whites, lemon juice, sugar syrup, angostura bitters & a nice whiskey. Yamazaki is always nice


Your RA profile says ‘To many, Ben Pearce’s name is synonymous with ‘What I Might Do’. What’s you hidden superpower?

The ability to accurately predict the outcome of one horse race in the world per year, but i never know which race it is. It’s quite frustrating

You have been invited over to play to the infamous Night of the Tarantula in Salento, South of Italy. They require you to play folk music and dance on Pizzica tunes. You….

Ask the resident to borrow his music and jam out some folk music.


Last time you cried?

Probably some ridiculous reason, can’t really remember

And when was last time you peeled an onion?

A few weeks ago, I cook a lot at home… so yes probably drew tears then but is that the same as crying?!

A label, or more, you’d like to produce for?

I love Young Turks, the music they put out is incredible… one day.

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Top 4 favourite tracks of any genre?

So impossible to pick, I love all genres. I’d say most of them would be by Brand New. my favourite band.

How influential was the Manchester scene and tradition on the development of you career?

I suppose on some level it was, it’s hard to quantify it, it’s not always clear cut where you draw influence.

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The most disturbing thing for a DJ is….

Decks made out of custard

One thing you could never play without is….

My USB’s…

Looking forward to….

All of the summer!


How old were you for the first time you did/got each of these: spliff / alcoholic drink / pubes?

too old / too old / too old 😉

The most difficult but considerable thing you have ever done is….

Make music that people actually enjoy

The silliest and most dishonourable thing you have ever done is…

Kicked a football through someone’s window and ran…

Broken Window by Deviate Art

Your next goal is… 

Carry on doing this as a living for as long as I can



Ben Pearce will play at Secret Solstice Festival in Iceland from the 20th to the 22nd of June.

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