Onirik and Pablo Tarno, passionate music lovers, started spinning wax together in London, building a strong reputation for coherent and unexpected dj sets, showcasing their taste for minimalist/dub techno and chicago/detroit house with a soft spot for jazzy influences, performing together or individually in clubs and warehouse parties such as Fabric, ToiToi or Half Baked. Now in Berlin, in less than a year these two have increasingly started to turn heads and gain momentum while playing at the city’s hot spots in the likes of CDV, Watergate, Weekend Club, Renate, Prince Charles or Kater Holzig. While Onirik released his acclaimed “Broken EP” on Serialism Records in addition to a handful of appearances on Safari Numerique and Musik Kollektiv, Pablo has been busy finishing off is his long-awaited EP “Back 2 the Roots” – co-produced with Anthony Constans – on Serialism.
Last but not least, the duo are starting their own imprint, Finest Hour, a platform for like-minded individuals and friends, with a first release planned soon by Audio Werner. Check out this exclusive live recording from their set at Echo festival so you can hear for yourselves just how well they work together…

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