Eclectic, diverse, yet sparse: it is this very austerity that makes the few strands of shimmering colors stand out brilliantly. Pablo Tarno’s exclusive MEOKO mix is linear yet it manages to transport emotions that transpass the limitations of singularity. Tarno, head of the acclaimed Finest Hour imprint that he co-founded with partner Onirik, is based in Berlin, and it is down this city’s mesmerizing influence that this mix encompasses such a variety of ideas that seem so valid and so relevant and at the same time less tangible than a haze of last night’s memories when you are steering into the third day of unbroken revelry. Deep, sometimes even deeper, he delivers the perfect throwback that gives certain hints and possible clues to what might have, and what never happened. Elegantly esquiving easy descriptions, this is one for you to ponder upon as his sensational FH05 release has just hit the scene.

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