Born Canadian of Italian descent, Montreal-based DJ and producer Paolo Rocco has emerged as one of the most consistent names within house music over the past decade, with a wealth of material via the likes of Hot Creations, PIV, Berg Audio, Constant Sound, Taverna Tracks, and Rutilance Records showcasing his own take on house, deep house, and minimal territories. Having closed 2020 with fresh music on his own RAWMoments imprint, late-April welcomes the arrival of his biggest project to date as he makes his label debut on London’s FUSE to deliver his ten-track debut album, ‘Life In Pieces’.

“As my first solo album, I wanted to create a timeless collection that incorporates my range while reflecting my love for late 90s early 2000s rave culture. Something that stands out on the dancefloor yet can also be listened to at home, at a pre-party, an after-party, or on the way to either. I want to give a big thank you to everyone who believed in this project, some even more than I did.

From my hometown Montreal RAWM fam, to the London FUSE crew, I couldn’t have asked for a better support system for this project. I hope I made you all proud; this is mine as much as it is yours.”

– Paolo Rocco_

It’s safe to say Paolo has not disappointed. Another brilliant release from the FUSE London camp!

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Words by Jordan Diston


More MEOKO: Facebook / Instagram / Soundcloud

More MEOKO: Facebook / Instagram / Soundcloud