We are really excited about this new note! It is a content where we can find a communion between the art of Anna Laurini and music, in a relaxed and creative context. We think this proposal is really fabulous.

Parlour Session, will take place in London’s finest Cafe-Bar & Gallery, FREVD on Thursday, 25th of June. This space has been generating unforgettable moments since 1986 and is characterized by its exquisite cocktails and elegant minimalist vibe.

This event consists of and proposes a more dynamic and enriched experience for lovers of good living. Creating a synergy between arts, they open their doors to create a relaxed atmosphere to fully experience this new universe. With an exhibition of contemporary art, by the hand of such a creative and innovative artist Anna Laurini and music in analog format, curated by resident DJs Albi & Kego, Davide Decay and Gvibe.

So that you dive deeper and have a better understanding of the artist, we would like to tell you more about her. Inspired by Cubism and Abstract Expressionism movements, Anna Laurini has gained notoriety over the past several years as one of the most distinctive urban contemporary artists to burst onto the London scene. Her process of her is dynamic and bold yet her underlying femininity of her permeates her prolific body of work of her.

We are sure that it will be an experience more than rewarding and brimming with cultural harmony.


Event Link: Parlour Session x FREVD


Words by Pilar Molinero