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Passing Clouds is a music venue in the heart of Hackney celebrating music from around the world and playing a vital part in UK music/ culture by promoting a diverse range of artists and musicians. Passing Clouds has been doing this for the last 10 years, however like many nightlife venues and community spaces the venue is under threat. The dying nightlife of Dalton is not something we can just ignore and do nothing about.

The Passing Clouds building was secretly sold to property developers Landhold Developments who want to turn he building into their offices. There has been much deception and issues around this sale, with a private security firm breaking in and changing the locks. The community therefore rallied together and reclaimed lawful possession of the building and are now trying to obtain a lease of at least 30 years/ rights to the building.

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This is a wonderful venue which gives so much to the community and it would be awful for another venue to go, so please sign the petition here and donate to their campaign here 

The venue are also hosting a series of ten year anniversary events and could really do with your attendance and support, check out the calendar through this website