Do you know that feeling you get when you are welcomed into the crowd of a proper British rave? Well people from Chicago are in luck because Pragmatik have bottled up that community spirit and high energy and headed out West five years ago to bring Pragmatik events to Chicago. Pragmatik will be launching a December series of two back to back Saturday events. A celebration of curious minds with the same appreciation for minimal house. With a lineup set to impress, these two events at a debonair basement lounge will recreate an intimate house party feeling — Just 150 max capacity, 9.30pm-3am! Kick starting the series on December 4th and another on December 11th, just in time for the holidays.

December 4th will welcome a five hour live set from Floog. A DJ that continues to reinvent end explore new sounds. From his previous projects of  Premiesku  (alongside fellow-Romanians Livio & Roby), to his current Floog moniker, he delivers catchy baselines that were made for the dance floor. His many unique releases have had us talking over the years but his live sets are really the thing that leaves us speechless.

Following that on December 11th, the Saturday night will deliver the first premiere between Mihigh and Nu Zau. Two Romanian legends that will each bring the sound they are known for to the Chicago dance floor. These two are often playing at the biggest clubs and festivals so this is the perfect opportunity to get up close and personal, and really enjoy the moment. And let’s not forget about Pragmatik’s resident DJ’s, Dani Marcu and Rrrron, tying a nice bow on these exciting two weekends.

Pragmatik has hosted an extensive list of high quality events in Chicago, delivering immaculate sets from international renowned artists like Gescu, CAPGiammarco Orsini, Chad Andrew, tINI and more. A few of the many names that Pragmatik have hosted before. Each event is uniquely its own, allowing us to visit new venues, meet new people, and always delivering good music.

Pragmatik was born in London by French founder, Bryan Benhaim. The music is at the forefront of every event he puts on, promising to share with the community the best of minimal house, and the intimate setting allows for just that. Dim candle lit lighting perfect for those true music connoisseurs that come for the music, and stay for the people. After all, the vibe of the people is as important as the music itself.


Words by Gabrielle Runzer


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