Tervisio 004 Review

Guti. Roustam. Equals Grusti. The outcome of several years of priceless moments performing together and many late nights spent jamming in the studio; sharing their musical flavours and knowledge. Here, they deliver three personal productions accompanied by a remix from prolific producer East End Dubs. The vinyl only release comes on Tervisio, an outlet born last year as a rebellion to the conventional, bringing forward new sounds and textures with high energy.

The percussive influences of Buenos Aires meet the raw and cutting edge of Moscow, for a masterful release. An insight of the magic that happens when these two worlds combine, the years of experience between them reflect in the solidarity of their sound. A long-term friendship of two accomplished artists that have paved their own paths as solo musicians, have decided it is time to present us with their creations.  

The title track aptly named ‘Re:introduction’ certainly has a healthy groove to it, a particular bouncing loop leads you in to a blissful breakdown fitting the title perfectly. Straight off the bat is the dancefloor ready remix from East End Dubs. A sound we have become accustomed too from the UK artist, distinct punching kicks and a ready to roll ethos. One for the peak time flow. Touching down on the B-side from outer space is ‘Dating a Comet’. A journey of broken rhythms, and brushing highs help to build a special atmosphere, allowing the listener to escape in the moment. Rounding things off pleasantly is ‘Rude Track’. A heads down affair begging to be played on a club system, rotating percussions coming in and out bring something unique to the track.

The Re:Introduction of two familiar names under one alias. A personal release from Grusti; a concept that Guti and Roustam have spent much time creating and built a solid friendship upon. You can sense the pride and energy within the release that they created in all corners of the world, Barcelona, Miami and Moscow.

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Words by Zac Bidwell

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