WYS bday preview

11 Years. Over 550 consecutive Sunday night parties in London (that is a hell of a lot of dancing). And probably the highest cause of calling in sick at work on a Monday in the English Capital. This Sunday they invite you to fabric to celebrate it all. WetYourSelf! was once a dream for founders Peter Pixzel and Jacob Husley, now it is a firm reality week in week out for the party hungry people who just don’t want to go home. Nightlife in London would not be the same without the weekend finale at fabric. To celebrate their eleventh trip around the sun the WYS! team have booked a trio many people have been keen to catch.


This Sunday in Farringdon, Amorf will play one of there mesmerising live sets and off key improvisations for the first time ever in the UK. The group is made of Cristi Cons, Vlad Caia, and experimental pianist Mischa Blanos. A masterpiece right in front of your eyes. Recent performances such as Sunwaves and various in concert shows have left a lot of people talking. Expect thriving hypnotic loops and dreamy melodies creating a unique energy and atmosphere across the dancefloor that simply can not be compared.


Founders and friends will also be the flavour of the day with residents Peter Pixzel and Jacob Husley both delivering for the special ocassion. A time to reflect and appreciate what they have achieved so far. WYS! regulars Carlos Ryan will be bringing their sound to the spaceship, since starting the monthly residency the Arupa Music camp seems to be going from strength to strength, fired up for a big 2018. There is sure to be some unreleased gems to celebrate.


Last but not least is the highly respected Lamine, a reputation built around his solid selection and ability to transform a party. Here’s to many more years of dancing with WetYourSelf! in Room 1. See you Sunday.

Words by Zac Bidwell

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