As highlighted by us in September last year, then Romanians have unwittingly formed a new blend of dance music, blending minimal techno & groove laden deep house, sewn up and exported to some of the clubbing world’s hottest cities. Djs Rhadoo, Raresh and many more have helped to define a new sound amongst an overly-familiar genre – including hot export Priku. This Romanian musician and DJ shares a special 2 hour live mix with MEOKO, recorded at Bucharest’s Snrs48 party, in turn delivering a live and unedited snapshot of his driving, deep and at times, subtle sound.

A dynamic mix – playing with the space between notes and veering into minimal, atmospheric tapestries – Priku’s focus on nuances in sound,
percussive elements and thick slabs of bass running throughout shall take the MEOKO listener on a far flung, left of centre journey into a lesser known aesthetic. Sink in to Priku’s exclusive two hour live set and get murky below.

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