We spoke with the founding father of Tzinah records, Primărie to pick his brans about the future of the label and the journey that has brought him this far.  Primărie continues to cement his roots deep into the underground scene and having been amongst it all during the wave of populartiy in Romainia I am eagar to know more about the man who puts his heart and soul into searching and perfecting the art of endless musical grooves to the dancefloor.

Hey!  How are you and how has your week been?  Have you anything exciting to share with us?

Hello, I’m very good, I hope you too… my week has been busy and full, we managed to push to promotion a new album at Tzinah Records, second album that we release so far, and it’s from Mihai Pol, a great up-and-coming artist from the heart of Romania, Brasov. So… I’m always happy when we get to share new music with the people alike.

Tzinah Records, the name you have given to your Label which translates, as a ‘headshot’ is that correct?  Where did the name come from?

The name comes from Counter-Strike games. From a lot of lost long-nights that me and my friends use to spend in the childhood at the first internet-cafe’s from Romania, right in the post-communist era. We were feeling so good when we where shooting the opponent right in the head, because we were getting more points at the game and we were screaming of happiness and jumping around our chair… So that’s where the word Tzinah comes from… in  Romanian it deviated from ‘cine ma’.. ‘tzine ma’… ‘tzi nah’.

Who is on your artist roster to date?

We are now collaborating with over 140 artists around the globe… but I will remind here the artists from our booking agency called Tzinah Family and they are: Vid aka Egal 3, Primărie, Adrianho, Hansel!, Crocodile Soup, Silat Beksi, Claudia Amprimo and Plusculaar .


What characteristics separate Tzinah from Tzinah Black?

Well… soundwise there is no difference in thinking or approaching the music that we release on vinyl… it’s the same music that we live by every day. I would say Tzinah on Black concentrates more on the artists that are have a more close relationship with us, every vinyl release will be represented by an artist from Tzinah Family too and our closest friends and the artists that supports us the most. On the digital side we like to always look for the most futuristic sound possible . And that usually comes from the most unknown artist and the most young artist with different concept about music and partying so we are looking for this kind of artists


Tzinah Records have grown from digital releases, which suit the volume of music you produced between you all.  How do you now decide what to release on vinyl?

Continuing the subject of the last question I would say Tzinah now concentrates on finding the purest artists with a strong vision and with something to say for our scene. We are also just starting to work with artists that are serious about their work and we like to collaborate with people that dedicate their life to music and nothing else. This is who we are so we are looking to work with people like us. We make strong relationship between us and sometimes it happens that we speak online for two, three years or even more and just after that we get to meet face to face, at a gig or something, and that feeling is magical.

Let’s talk about your recently released EP Forma.  It features a remix from Loxique, also a Tzinah artist.

So… Forma EP… is exactly what I was talking about when referring to future sounds and new ideas for the dance-floor. It is my vision concluded in two new tracks I made this summer, and I decided to release them at a new French label, from a new Tzinah artist, Ile Degare’s ODT Records. So you see everything is interconnected… so when asked what remixers to choose, I  choose Loxique because I respect a lot his sound and his vision and always wanted a remix from him. The guys from the label then proposed Andu Simion for the second one and it was a great match for this situation. Me and Andu Simion work together for years at Tzinah and we also have common friends and roots in my home town, Constanta.

You wear many hats, DJ, A&R, Label Manager and Artist to name a few.  How do you keep the balance?

I’m happy to say this is a way of life for me. This is a process that goes on week after week, it is the beautiful life of a professional DJ of nowadays era to say so…with a lot of work during the week, both on studio and in the office. But the great result is when you get to share the new music and new ideas and when you connect with people from different area zones around where you are from and not only. But I tell you something, if you want to do this in your life you have to be very balanced and aware in many situations, it is very important to choose well what you’re eating and how you rest, and enjoy every moment in life, especially the small things that are special. Find the beautiful side in how you see things so then you will always be recharged.



After you finished studies your true love with music began.  When was the moment of your epiphany?

I think it was after I came back from Berlin and I said I won’t do work for anyone else but for me. The time I spent in Berlin helped me a lot, as my sound improved and became more eclectic. And it showed me other important facts about the scene that needs to be taken in consideration when doing anything. So when I arrived back in Romania I had events one after another for a summer and that pushed me and made me believe even more in this life and in my ideas. Since then I live just from music and I’m happy and fortunate about it. I’m very thankful about what music brought to my life and I’m happy to help and share this with other true artists who are doing the same. 

You are known for playing through the days and nights, between the mountains of Romania and in Transylvania. What motivates you during those marathon sets?

For me is the end result and that is in the special moments you get to spend with people from all around the world sometimes, is in the connection that happens at every event. The moment when you loose yourself in the music and nothing else matters but the groove and the atmosphere around, the friends and people that are near you, that are dancing and connected in the same beat at the same frequencies. Sharing new music in moments like this, music that is yet unknown for them and sometimes mixed with some more known serious beats. For me is a pleasure to make people dance and vibrate higher, to leave all their troubles behind and live in the moment for a night, or day. I like to think we are always taking part in a healing ritual, and that’s why it has to go on every weekend. Do be do… but be more.

You have uploaded multiple mixes during the past few months which feature a collection of music from Tzinah Records.  Do you enjoy the freedom this gives you?

Oh, is a freedom like no other… I get to play at times all unreleased tracks, demos from people that send us trough Tzinah and as you know I made a mix of 2hrs and 30 minutes, that mix it could have gone at least for another two more hours. I’m happy to say we have a lot of things scheduled ahead, lots of great up-and-coming underground artists from Romania and not only… so yes this gives me, and Tzinah Family members, the freedom to play music that no one else plays, because we ask for two months exclusivity for our demos. But sometime is even more magical… Soon we are going to release an EP from Adrianho which contains a track made three or four years ago… and another one from last year. All sound great and we lived a lot of great moments with them.

You recently played a live recorded mix for RTS with Gazette.  The intro begins with amazing South American intro and what I describe as a record played backwards.  You often interpret obscured sounds into the music you produce and the sets you play are always very enchanting.  You do like to experiment, how would you describe your style?

Yes I always try to push myself and see what is on the other side. I don’t plan anything I just try to be as relaxed as I can before a set and then unleash the energy. Nowadays I play with 3 cdjs and since then the real experiments started to happen… it’s a magical realm even for me and I’m amazed sometimes. Yea I like to play music from all cultures and sometimes I use a lot of non-techno tracks as a soundtrack or to create even more alterations to the rhythm. The rhythm is all the matters in this music. That piece of ‘backwords’ melody is from Reclame, he showed me a pack of tracks and I started to listen to them… I started to relax and meditate on them a lot… then the idea came.. why don’t we make an album of this session of tracks, so then Tzinah Albums were born, this is from Appunti Sonori LP.

There is a track in your Lokocast mix that would be too explicit to describe in words so I’ll just say that it begins at around 30:02 minutes in. I love it, so hilarious!  Please name the track?

That set is actually a recording from Bar512 in London, at an Keep On Going event I think from this spring. Exactly at that point mentioned is the signature of a Barac track…but right after it starts one of the most crazy ass tracks I have also heard too, is Relation by Osvit, an Ukrainian new guy, and is going to be released soon at Tzinah, on one of our future VA’s.

You have a healthy catalogue of collaborations with a myriad of artists.  What is next to be released?

We have Adrianho coming next with an EP, Mihai Pol’s album, two new VA’s with new artists and great new grooves… and then we keep it going like this. TZHBK004 is in preparation also but everything is secret until the project is finalized.

Do you get to spend time working together in the studio or do you work with most projects independently?

This is a collaboration mostly at distance, everyone in his own studio working on his vision and what comes from our collaboration sometimes results in a nice couple of tracks and remixes on an EP or an album or bringing new artists to surface through VA releases.

A bit of a complex question as there are so many to choose from but what would you say is your most memorable musical moment so far?

I think it was realizing we are all the same, we are all one and we are doing the same things as the artists that we use to follow. And in the end we have become them, we have become friends and family with them and this is another reason for us and me to keep going with sharing music.

All pioneering countries at the forefront of electronic music have their own musical style.  What is your answer to the question the ‘Romanian sound?’

I think now Romanian music is the underground music of our society and it’s more specialized to frequencies and rising vibrations to create special moments.  I think is bringing to the scene the future music of next years and always trying out new ideas.  I’m happy to say thank you to our trio Rhadoo, Raresh and Petre Inspirescu for their part in making this kind of music heard and also all the other true artists taking part on our scene and keeping it alive.  Without this there would be no Romanian music, without the new artists trying to make it, as their idol too, without the middle artist trying to live out from it and without the emblems that are ‘setting the standards’.


You have lived in and travelled to countries with similar social environments.  In your experience how important is music to people?

In my head music is one of the first thing that connects people together, it is staying in the background and is dictating your friends … haha. So, the second thing is that we need music for meditation and everyone needs to meditate even if they don’t realize it, they do it. Music is a healing instrument, it helps you detach from your society life and helps you get back in yourself. Music is very important for everyone.

 You have had a busy year in and out of the studio.  What are you most excited about in the near future?

Oh yes, I work a lot nowadays in the studio, want to share all the special atmosphere that have gathered in my head from events and life in general, I have two remixes in the work, another EP, maybe at Tzinah, and I always like to say… let the actions speak. 

Thank you Meoko team it’s been revealing even for me.

Much love and Good Vibes Only. P.

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