Having described the Romanian sound as, “more specialised to frequencies and rising vibrations to create special moments.” The multi-talented DJ, A&R, label manager, artist and founder of Tzniah Records, Prim?rie brings his own special moment to MEOKO no 230. Having emerged from the underground scene in Romania, he became more eclectic in his style after he moved to Berlin. Renowned for his marathon sets and experimentation with sound, this is the newest mix to be released after the Forma EP, which showed off a clear, new vision, perhaps influenced by his collaboration with over 140 artists as part of his work with his own record company. Previously working with the likes of Hansel, Crocodile Soup and Vid aka Egal 3, he continues to release mixes to proudly demonstrate the continuing growth of his label and work with more up-and-coming artists. The mix itself is atmospheric at times, but has a strong kicking undercurrent. Here,Prim?rie translates his varying influences by playing with grooves and engaging with positive vibes, to bring smiles to those dancing the night away. To find out more about this truly mesmerising artist, read our full interview here; https://devmeoko.co.uk/interviews/primarie-talks-with-meoko

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