The cosmic aural connections created, discovered or re-imagined by UK duo Psychemagik are fast becoming valuable gold dust on the contemporary music market. Bursting onto the scene with an unusual edit of Fleetwood Mac’s Everywhere, Psychemagik quickly established its reputation as a creative force to be reckoned with, following up Everywhere with a host of original productions, remixes, edits and unusual mixes, the latter drawn from a record collection as vast as the Sahara. Psychemagik’s prolific studio output includes original productions such as Valley of Paradise and the Lunar Escape EP, remix projects including Bryan Ferry, Haim, Boy George, Azari & III and Metronomy, plus a choice selection of mixes working their way up to cult status, like Diabolical Synthetic Fantasy, which sold out on vinyl in a few hours and was named the number one compilation of the year at Piccadilly Records. PSychemagik join an excellent selection of UK acts at Ralph Lawson’s 2020 Vision party on the 25th of May…

You’re playing Ralph Lawson’s 2020 Vision party in London on the 25th of May, which has a solid collection of UK artists on the bill. Is there a strong community between your compatriots in the music scene? Events like this must be a nice opportunity to combine forces…

It’s always nice to hang out with our peers and buddies. Luckily the music we make attracts like-minded people.

How is the rest of summer shaping up for Pyschemagik? Where will you be spending most of your time, and where else are you particularly excited to play?

We’re touring Guatemala and Mexico and have another big USA tour lined up for May. We’re playing at FOR festival and Stop Making Sense in Croatia which will be awesome cause they do amazing steaks at Tony’s in Tisno! Glastonbury and Wilderness look fun too with Dolly Parton & Burt Bacharach playing
live which will be a good old knee’s up!

The new online record store, Beach Freaks, opens in May, can you tell me what your involvement is with this?

I’m one of the founders with my good buddy Charles Bals from Cosmic Dudes. We’ve been talking about doing a bespoke record site for a couple of years and we finally hit the button. We have a great friend and amazing digger from Sweden Evan Jordan joining forces with us. It’s going to be a very specialist site with lots of new discoveries and some rare and beautiful classics.

You seem to have a magic touch with remixes, really taking songs somewhere special. How is that you usually choose the songs to remix? What sounds inspire you?

We get asked frequently for remixes so we choose the ones we feel the most.

Once you’ve decided to try your hand at a particular remix, what’s the next step? How do you go about creating something original?

 It can start with a basic melody on a synth or a vocal idea. When the inspiration comes it’s usually quite random. I don’t think you can start a track with any particular intention, the music is born out of a mood or a cosmic connection.


Danny is a well-known champion crate digger, how much time a day would you spend searching for new music – and where are your favourite places (both on the street and online)?

The best places to dig are record fairs, shops and basements, or via fellow friends and dealers. Belgium, Germany and Holland are always good for picking up rare stuff you won’t find in the UK. But tbh most spots in Europe are infinitely better than the UK for digging.

Since you both have such an eclectic collection of music at your disposal – how much of the more alternative stuff are you able to air in your DJ sets? Are you conscious of musical education as well as entertainment?

We rarely get to play the deeper stuff, we would love to be able to educate and inspire people more. We’re doing our own festival in September where we will create the perfect
environment to play the eclectic stuff.

Are you currently exploring individual projects, or is the focus all on your work together?

We are now only working on our collective work but we will both be releasing as individuals in the near future.