One thing you can’t deny about San Proper is that he keeps things fresh. In a world of electronic musicians who hand far too much control over to the machines and devices when producing, San Proper is one artist who refuses to take a back seat – pouring his own character directly over the top of his effervescent beats with distinctive vocals. Every bit a performer as a producer, he favours a live set up, maximising the impact of his sets and channelling as much emotion back towards the crowd as physically possible. Perlon, Dekmantel, Voyage Direct and Rush Hour have all snapped up his astute fusion of leftfield house and disco, eager to welcome this intriguing talent from Amsterdam into their families, and listening back to his discography you can completely understand their enthusiasm. You can never quite be sure what will come next from this man, but rest assured you would not want to miss it. So, with great honour we present you with this two hour extended mix, recorded exclusively for MEOKO for your listening pleasure.

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