RAND.OM, this is the name of the fresh underground club from the north of Mamaia in Constanta Romania.

What used to be a long time abandoned discotheque for kids back in the communist times, is now a playground for artists to present their music while ravers are getting musical experiences on Funktion-One speakers. appeared exactly when the local underground scene was in need of  a place when restrictions got lifted this summer.

The club offers musical experiences for both genres Tech House and Minimal.

Paco Osuna gave a proper start as first main guest for the Tech House community. Later on, the Minimal enthusiasts were delighted with beats from big names like Cap, Sepp, Nu Zau, Priku and Vincent Iulian. The Tech House nights didn’t miss big names either, with names like Cuartero, Hector and Mahony.

This weekend some heavy weights are playing:

Friday night the main experience will be offered by the titan Cezar alongside Praslea, with support from Paul K, Prepeleac and Crisis.

Saturday night we will be blessed to hear Barac playing again near the sea on Mamaia, with support from Cugler, Vizan and Dinu.

The experience in the dancing ring feels similar to that of one of the Sunwaves stages. Open air, steady solid floor, catchy minimalistic light ambiance and crisp powerful 10.000 Watt sound powered by Funktion One. When the music stops you can hear the seagulls and the wild sea.

Vizan and Rin F are owners and resident DJs of, the residency is backed up by Dinu, Crisis and Prepeleac.

Who are these passionate artists that risked a lot to build a club when nothing was certain about the covid situation? Let’s find out, after that we will hold a short interview with Vizan to find more about the intentions and future of this club.

Even though music has been part of Vizan’s entire life, it wasn´t until he turned 22 that he started to DJ. Born and raised in Constanta, the city that hosts one of the hottest underground events in East Europe, Sunwaves, Vizan became curious about the particular sound that comes from so many Romanian producers. Attracted by the minimal sound, he started exploring the underground scene to enrich his sets. Even though artists like Rhadoo, Raresh, Ricardo Villalobos and Jeff Mills among others inspire him, his sets incorporate an extensive array of known and less known artists.

The underground scene in Romania is strong, the number of events and venues dedicated to this particular electronic music are numerous, and Cezar Vizan is always present at the most significant ones to nurture his style. Vizan dominates both vinyl and digital. He has played in many places between Constanta and Bucharest, in clubs like Crazy Club, Kalua, Mako Beah and Club in Constanta and Tete a Tete, La Biblioteca, Motiv Club and Shelter in Bucharest. He was also part of the line-up in events like Neversea and Sub Stele in his hometown.

Florin Rotaru aka Rin F is a romanian DJ/producer residing in Constanta. Signed to OZONO Records, High Pressure Music, Ride Music, Sticker Music. He combines the styles of Tech House and Minimal. He discovered his passion for music in 2017. He started mixing at small parties among his friends and due to their positive reactions in 2017 he started recording his mixes and sharing them on social media. His passion for Dj-ing started when he discovered tech house music in the small underground clubs of Bucharest. “I was fascinated to see what a DJ could do with two players and a mixer! After 2 years, with small steps, I went on the other side of the DJ booth. It doesn’t matter if you have 10 or 1000 people in front of you, if you manage to make them feel your positive energy, the satisfaction you get is beyond skyline. The DJ should always be on that level. Nothing compares with the satisfaction you get when you see that your work and effort is much appreciated”. He plays other people’s records all over the place. He tries his absolute best and encourages you to join him.

Dinu’s focus is now on live producing, collaborating with Priku since 2018. He had his debut in 2019 at Casino Sinaia with Atipic Live.

We can clearly admit that Dinu is an exemplary musician with polished musical knowledge. In his harmonious incursion he admits that while everybody was playing the piano he was absorbed in synthesizers. Now he is fulfilling his dream by expressing his experience in live gigs and also as a Dj.

A very active member of his local community (Constanta/Ro), Crisis is no stranger to the ups and downs of a small town music scene. Though he loves playing in nightclubs and special events, his love for music goes beyond the spectrum of mixing tunes.

“Music is my therapy. I love getting lost in music and the joyful feelings it stirs up in my chest.  I also like it when it has a beat that commands my feet to start moving.”

That’s how Crisis describes himself as a DJ.  Never afraid to go too deep, his emotive musical selections are his own therapy.

Prepeleac has been in the musical scene for so many years now and has discovered a distinctive style as he can take you on a musical journey from minimal to jazz being inspired by artists such as Cezar, Praslea or Miles Davis. Prepeleac is a key member of Gascabana team.


Interview with Vizan:

How and when you got the idea of opening this club?

We set out in the beginning of spring to rent a location in which we could organize our events, in order to promote ourselves. Later, with only a month standing between us and summer, we physically searched for a location. We started our journey, by foot, on the new seafront, in Mamaia village and we proceeded to ask every guard and/or owner about an empty location, which of the places are empty and where would be best for us to rent a location to organize our events without bothering the tourists. One of the guards gave us directions to the owner’s headquarters, where the club is located now, where we shared our idea with the owner and not only did he agree to our proposal, but he even gave us some advice that would do us good in the future.

When was the start of your collaboration?

Me and Rin f share a friendship for many years now. Between the two of us, he was the first to get into DJ-ing. I started a bit later. He was organising events and took me in. In time, we helped one another. You know how this industry is, nobody wants to help you, the big artists don’t promote the small ones, but we, with this club, we play differently. We promote big and small alike.

How was the location where the club is now  when you first entered there?

In that area, everything was ruined, just like in the Cernobil series, if you’ve watched it. The concrete (walls) was smashed and spread onto the floor, there were drawings from the communist era, old and vandalized toilets, grass growing from the concrete, moldy walls and and communistic electric panel. Everything has been replaced, as you can imagine.

How and why did you choose the concept/sound?

Well, we thought about a sound equipment that would please the listeners and the biggest artists in the world as well. We wanted something good, which wouldn’t fail us in the middle of the events. We chose Funktion-One as sound equipment for everybody to be happy, artists and participants alike. We also want the DJs to leave the party satisfied and to be able to remember the event with a smile on their face.

The underground music concept, we chose because we consider that Constanta – Mamaia needed such a club for some years now, after Mania club was closed.

In the beginning, were you sure you will succeed or were you a bit skeptical, anticipating some risks?

We were never sure which were our chances with this, but we reminded ourselves that in Constanta there wasn’t anything underground, which was a plus for us, but sure, the first year is hard for any club and we’re still taking some risks with every party.

Is the club up for renting for one night, for a showcase type of event?

Yeah, we can rent the club, but we have some criteria based on which we do that. We select everything to be good, so that we and the tenants would be satisfied.

You and Rin f are owners and also DJs. With this, did you have the chance, to mix alongside or in the opening for big artists, or after them? If yes, who are they and who you consider booking in the future?

Yes, we both had the pleasure to mix in the opening for and after Paco Osuna, Neverdogs, Hector, Mahony, Cuartero. But, given the fact that my musical style is different from Rin’s I had the chance to mix in the opening for and after Priku, Sepp, Nu zau, Cap and next there are Cezar, Praslea and another big name that Constanta hasn’t heard in a while, Barac, is scheduled for next parties with Romanian artists. Romanian big artists:  Suciu, Dan Andrei, Gescu, Arapu, Priku SIT.

What did the big artists loved about club when they were here?

The quality of the sound equipment, the vibe and, of course, the people.

If it were possible for you to bring in any DJ in the world, that hasn’t been here before, who would you choose?

From the minimal area, probably Ricardo Villalobos and Traumer.

From the tech-house area, Joseph Capriati and Marco Carola.

What will happen with the club in the fall when the outdoor season will be over?

Maybe we will organize an event per month, if the weather permits, if not, it will be closed until next season.

This weekend, the club will host Barac, Cezar, Praslea and more. Join the facebook event here. Some of the well-known names scheduled for next events are Suciu, Dan Andrei, Gescu, Arapu, Priku and SIT.


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