Rawstreet has been a long time coming! A project that was two years in the making with intricate thought and passion put into it and it is finally here to share. Created by three friends, they have taken the time to create exactly what they wanted without rushing the process and jumping on the bandwagon of what’s popular. They curated an event that is not only unique but brings the sound and energy exactly as it was intended. A well thought out, curated lineup is backing their launch, already proving them to be an event series to watch out for. Join them on November 27th to see exactly what we’ve been waiting for.

Josh Roberts, Kristian & Dominic Bowen, met through the London underground circuit which is already a community in its own right. They began experimenting individually and collectively amongst ever-changing alias’ to find the exact sound and energy they wanted to curate within their own events. Rawstreet, the record label was born. The project was finally launched during lockdown making it all the more challenging but after 14 digital & vinyl releases they have proven themselves to have an ear for talent and spectacular taste in music.

But what’s music if you can’t enjoy it with friends so Rawstreet has set their sights on throwing their first ever launch party. Taking us to Warehouse 66 in East London, the heart and soul or the raving scene. With a 500 capacity warehouse party they have set their sights big! The three founders will kick off the night from 10 – 12 pm before letting a hand picked selection of their favourites take us on a journey throughout the night. We’ll be there until sunrise!

Direkt and Iuly. B will be taking over the night and they have us in for a treat. Rawstreet’s latest release featured remixes from both artists that highlighted their capabilities in producing encapsulating and hypnotic sounds. It comes at no surprise they were asked back for more.

Direkt has a long and ever changing journey throughout music. His experimentation in various genres allowed him to land on a techno balance that takes notes of trance throughout. After a decade within the industry he continues to release fresh material, produce entrancing sets, and be a go-to collaborator for many other artists.

Iuly.B brings an up and coming sound to Romanian minimal that features the sound we have all come to love but with a twist. What could be described as minimal also brings notes of transformative energy and hypnotic percussion. His unwavering passion is apparent on the dance floor and felt behind the decks — a true favourite amongst the team here at MEOKO!

With a Special Guest (Real Gang) still yet to be announced and a limited amount of tickets, be sure to get your tickets early.


Words by Gabrielle Runzer


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