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Remi Mazet
Le Kiff EP

The Le Kiff EP, the fifth instalment in Terence:Terry’s emerging La Vie en Rose imprint, arrives courtesy of Remi Mazet, an up-and-coming young Frenchman raised on the vibrant sounds of East London’s bustling and burgeoning party scene. With a release on Jamie Jones and Lee Foss’s Hot Waves already firmly under his belt, this 3-track affair, incidentally Remi’s first as a solo artist, was packed full of promise.

Indeed, it did not disappoint. Moving away from the tougher, techier stylings of their last outing (LVR04 Rafael Murillo Feat. Jaw – Background EP), the Le Kiff EP has both eyes very much trained on the impending, Ibiza-centric summer months. Indeed, the title track is most easily described as a warm, contemporary slice of disco-tinged house. However, that’s not to say that it belongs alongside the countless, faceless others residing under the now somewhat clichéd ‘disco-house’ umbrella. On the contrary, Le Kiff has been beautifully and diligently put together, with each of the track’s individual components working in smooth, subtle harmony to give it that rare, very natural feel. At 117 bpm it’s slow; perfect for those beach-bound sunset, or sunrise, sets. On the remix, Remi’s compatriot Boris Horel injects some bounce and bite into the original, managing to maintain the record’s unique, cohesive groove whilst upping the tempo several, considerable notches. If Remi’s prototype was all about the pre and after parties, this is definite dance-floor material. Mr Matlar, Remi’s partner on last winter’s Hot Waves collaboration, returns to the foray on Are You There. While packing arguably the punchiest bassline of the three, it restrains itself from becoming a solely peak time number. Instead, layered over the track’s heavy-duty framework is a light, dreamy guitar lick, leaving it to nestle comfortably in-between both of the A side cuts as the perfect transitional link.

In a scene over-saturated to the point of ridicule, those tracks that belong to a certain ‘sound’, whilst remaining wholly original and exciting, are increasingly harder to find. At first, the Le Kiff EP might not appear to be doing all that much differently, and yet with time, the release’s true potential and delicate artistry shine through. Remi Mazet is a producer who has clearly honed and understands his craft. La Vie en Rose have done well, not only to realise his talent, but to time the release of this EP so that it makes what will undoubtedly be some serious waves on the white isle this summer.


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words: Carlos Hawthorn