By James Ellis

Parisian beat junkies Dan Ghenacia, Dyed Soundorom and Shonky were born to get your body moving. As individual DJs, they have over twenty-three years combined experience shaking the walls of the best clubs in the world, and since coming together to form Apollonia have been in constant demand for their unmistakable fusion of – as they put it – ‘white soul meeting black music’. Originally meeting at one of Ghenacia’s famous Sunday afterhours parties over ten years ago, the trio have been working and partying together ever since, so their coming together to form the label just felt like a natural progression. Their latest ode comes in the form of their contribution for fabric’s acclaimed compilation series, marking its 70th addition, where they neatly package their sound into 80 minutes of pumping house music, letting you know just why they’re one of the country’s finest exports.

Easing you into the mix is El Provost feat D.Ham with a track called ‘Allez Ally’, whose eerie steel drums initially throw you off, although it doesn’t take long before a super low-slung beat is laid down, warming listeners up nicely for the party about to unfold. From that moment on, it’s show time. With never a dull moment, the trio transport you to the dance floor with a potency that rivals any of the previous mixes in the series, effortlessly blending their trademark mixture of house and techno. Their synergy is emulated in the track selection. Twisting and turning, they flirt between old and new, from the 90s sounds of Nail and Mood II Swing, to fresh heat from The Mole, as well as two new cuts from the boys themselves, ‘Trinidad’ and ‘Visa American’, which are forthcoming on their label. Special mention goes to Funk E’s ‘Masa de Fatza’, which packs a tonne of groove with its complex rhythms, before Callisto’s ‘Need Ur Love’ closes the mix – paying tribute to his recent passing.

“We don’t play like a usual back to back – where you can recognize who is playing what – we have a unity, much like that of a band… There is a point when we have played together after three or four hours and we no longer feel the time… it’s almost meditation.”- Apollonia

As meditative as it may feel for the trio, it has the opposite effect upon the listener, where the abundance of soul infused grooves they throw down provides the perfect soundtrack as we approach summer.



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