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Review: Priku ft Dinu – Luna (Introspections 01)

Half Is Enough is a Romanian artist collective based in Bucharest that focuses on delivering forward-thinking music and has now decided to create a new brainchild: Introspections. The launch of the new imprint arrives and with their first release, Luna. The album’s first and homonymous track is no other than a collaboration by Priku and Dinu, a delicate and thoughtful downtempo masterpiece which serves as the common thread for the release. The name Luna alludes to the mysterious allure of nighttime. ¨Luna¨ means moon in Spanish and Italian, a name that truly evokes a nocturnal ambience and elegant tension apparent as well in the album artwork. Sublee and Lizz are on remix duties and deliver a perfect closure to the work as a whole.

The Luna EP is a perfectly balanced yet edgy, three-track recording that showcases the original work by Priku and Dinu, which directly contrasts and complements the latter reinterpretations. The original version of Luna takes form as a downtempo song, with swinging jazzy instruments, improvising piano melodies along with, syncopated percussions and subtle atmospheric electronic sounds. While, Sublee adds a very smooth yet dynamic twist to the piece, driving you on a highway to a deeper sound realm, perfect for any dancefloor. Lastly, Lizz takes on a more progressive approach which keeps the listener moving back and forth. The release clearly expresses a unique sense of intimacy, as an experimental take on minimal and dancefloor music. Introspections is a label and concept, that allows for artistic freedom and then takes form as deeper reinterpretations upon the dancefloor to complete the circle. This is what Introspections is all about.

To remark the occasion, we invited Sublee for an interview to hear his personal thoughts on the release and his production in general.

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  • How was working on the remix of such a totally different track? 

It was very inspiring, I love working on downtempo/experimental tracks and approach them in my style.

  • Do you feel more comfortable to approach on downtempo/experimental tracks like this or a “regular” 4/4?

I feel comfortable approaching the mood, the momentum, so I enjoy working on both themes the same, as a producer. Also when remixing, it is about feeling the track no matter its style and of course feeling I can bring something there.

  • What do you think of the overall concept of “Introspection? Would you like to provide “A-side” stuff too?

This approach is like a multiverse. Sounds morphing into something else, transcending genres, music taking shapes and states of self.

Sometimes I do this myself, a track in both interpretations. Since long I work on experimental/ambient projects so I would be happy to share some introspections.     

  • Which are the original stems that inspired you the most while working on the Reinterpretation?

I love the whole vibe of the track and I think all the elements have their role in this composition. For me, the most inspiring were the jazzy percussions, the bass and of course the piano.

  • Do you think that with this lockdown/studio days producers will release more of this kind of unusual stuff?

I think in this situation that we are now having time to experiment more will lead for sure to some amazing and unusual ideas.

  • Have you dedicated yourselves into more activities aside from music production during this lockdown period?

I worked on my schedule, diet and tried to rest better and train more because it was a long period of playing music every weekend and I really needed some time out. Also having time to spend every day with my son and my wife makes this period overwhelmingly beautiful.

  • Your tracks always sound so gentle but at the same time, they work great on the dancefloor. What do you think it’s your secret to have this perfect balance?

The secret is listening again and again and again.

  • What’s gonna be the first track that you will play at your first gig after this pandemic situation?

John Tejada – Soft Spread

Will see how I will feel then. I really hope that will happen soon because I miss dancing and people a lot.

Words by Daniel Ordoñez / Interview by Francesco Quieti

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