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On the 26th August two of the most respected party collectives put together one of the last summer parties for Ibizas flagship. With the likes of tINI, Enzo Siragusa playing the Basement alongside Shaun Reeves and Alex Picone to name a few, a high calibre performance is promised. In the Lab, Next Wave play host to the low profile Romanian label [a:rpia:r], who stand firmly by their policy “No philosophy, Just music”…and a full-size party. 


This edition will be hosted in the infamous Sankeys of Ibiza. Recent worldwide movements of the establishment have seen them pitching up big room venues across the globe with plans for a “7 Sankeys of the world” and undoubtedly a consistent set of high quality parties to follow. 

For those who have been to any Next Wave parties, a solid bunch of grooves and good floor vibes are guaranteed with previous shows with the likes of Ricardo Villalobos, Praslea and Cezar have all caused a storm. 


This time, label owners Rhadoo and Pedro go in alone for a much-anticipated performance that guarantees a tactically formed audible journey of dance floor precision. With the original trio including Raresh as RPR Soundsystem, the group have shown little interest in the current surge of electronic main stage driven techno and remain secretive, subtly slipping between line ups and underground party venues, doing the business as they see necessary. 

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Time and time again you will see a selective yet fragmented musical compilation from the group, propelled to create a web of distinctive sound pleasure. There is a clear drive for seamless transactions of sound and emotion through a constantly swirling eclectic compilation of minimal techno sounds – influencing the moods of the audience as they see fit.  Next Waves technically focused parties are top in recommendation.



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By Ell Weston