For our latest Meoko podcast, we are venturing into new corners of our musical multiverse for something a little different. We are honoured to welcome a true legend of the Chicago House scene: Robert Owens. An artist who arguably gave the voice to the genre, his instantly recognisable vocals have provided the soulful and emotive accompaniment to classics including ‘Tears’, ‘I’ll Be Your Friend’ and ‘Ordinary People’. Over the years, Owens has collaborated with an incredibly diverse range of talented producers – Larry Heard, Ron Wilson, Frankie Knuckles, Satoshi Tomiie, Photek, Coldcut, and Dutch drum & bass artist Icicle. With a prolific output spanning from the 80s until now, Owens’ solo productions are undoubtedly a fixture in many record bags across the globe. The mix Owens has provided us is the perfect introduction to his infectious, smile inducing sound. A two and a half hour journey through deep cuts and classics of the highest calibre, this is surely one to lift your spirits.

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