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2015 is shaping up to be a great year for UK techno fans. February will see the launch of Fossil Archive, a brand new techno label that is the brainchild of long time DJ and producer Roberto. The Leicester-born father has balanced a full-time job and busy family life with a steady ascent to the very apex of the techno landscape.

Already known for his formidable releases on a slew of electronic labels that includes Affin, Artform, Be As One and Fachwerk, Roberto established his prodigious DJ credentials with gigs at some of the Europe’s defining nightclubs; Berghain, fabric and Tresor to name but a few.

Roberto Main

Fossil Archives is first and foremost a project about boiling it back to the basics. Roberto can trace his musical origins back to a young passion for drum and bass, where records were traditionally cut with one track on each side at 45rpm – imprinting a beautiful warmth into the sound emanating from the wax. Roberto has similar plans for his techno output on Fossil Archive, and his first personal release (with an apt paleontological name to boot) ‘Prolecanites Gurleyi’ will follow a similar format, with only a single track on the either side of the 12-inch. Those without turntables shouldn’t fear though, as Roberto also has plans for digital releases.  

Fossil Archive will respect the old school techno aesthetic whilst maintaining a firm foot in 2015, drawing influences from both our American and European techno cousins whilst fiercely maintaining its British identity. The label’s output has already been doing the rounds on the club circuit, and if the way that it’s been received on the dancefloor is anything to go by then Fossil Archive has a long and illustrious future ahead. Long live techno!


‘Prolecanites Gurleyi’, the inaugural release from Fossil Archive, will be available from 23rd February 2015