With a vast catalogue that spans from Knee Deep In Sound to Stereo Productions and Do Not Sleep, Southampton’s Ronnie Spiteri has made a name for himself during the last years, becoming a reference point for the whole UK scene. He’s now back for the 3rd time on Alan Fitzpatrick’s label We Are The Brave, showcasing his attitude and versatility in the studio, as he’s always been able to deliver both techno and tech-house brilliant cuts. 




  • Your ‘Dèjà Vu’ EP marks your third appearance on WATB. Seems like there’s a good connection between you and the label! Do you think it’s because WATB represents your actual idea of sound?

Yes, this is my third release with the label and I’m buzzing about it. Also, it’s great to have my mate A.S.H on the remix! Brave always allows me to express myself as an artist and musically I think it fits well for both of us.




  • Tell us more about the making and ideas behind the track and the remix from A.S.H.

The idea behind the track was to make something with an old school feel but with a modern sound. It took me about 5 versions to finish the track. The final version has been tried and tested thoroughly and it’s getting a lot of great reactions from the crowd, especially when I played at the show with Eli Brown at Hull Tower! It went off!

The remix is on point and it was a nice addition for A.S.H to take it a little tougher with his sound, really happy with the remix and fits perfectly into the final package 




  • What about your Kenja Records label? With a high-quality catalogue, it represents your more deep and techy side. Why haven’t you proposed this sound on your productions lately?

I have 2 releases already booked in for the label, and I’m making an album for it later this year, so you should expect more to come about that soon. The two upcoming releases are very deep and chunky musically speaking, and can’t wait for them to drop, as my sound has progressed into a slightly harder and energetic vibe that it has been before.




  • What are the plans for Kenja in 2020? 

As mentioned above, those releases and my album. The album won’t be something that I’d play in clubs, and it’s going to be more of a listening piece of music that I’ve written. We also have releases planned with Markus Homm, Oscar L, Chus & Ceballos and more!

I am excited to be getting a solid release schedule planned for the label this year, it’s something I have wanted to do for a while and these guys are all putting their own stamp to Kenja.


  • Name the label of your dreams where you’d love to release next.

I would love to get a release on Drumcode, for my tracks which are more ‘techno’. I still have the rolling chunky side to my music, so those releases I would love to see on Hot Creations! Both awesome labels which I have always looked up to.


  • ‘Multiply’ was definitely one of your high-lights tracks if not a true “turning point” for you, I believe. Do you think that there’s a turning point in every DJ career nowadays? And have you felt that ‘Multiply’ was something different from your other tracks?

Yeah ‘Multiply’ def got a few heads to turn and I was really grateful to Daly (Hot Since 82) for believing in my music. I believe that when it’s your time to shine, you will. Just be all about your music and enjoy it. Hard work pays off, but it goes a long way. I think maybe there is always some kind of turning point after the hard work, maybe it’s a track that blows up or a gig that gets you a lot of exposure. But I always think, whatever or wherever it is, it was just the time for you.




  • Special plans or announcements for 2020?

My special planned announcement for 2020 is that I have just been signed by Alan Fitzpatrick and his new management team. They are taking the reigns now for all my career, and I couldn’t be happier to be a part of such a good team of people. I am making an album for Kenja, which is going to be a huge musical focus for me and a big project and then I will also be doing a collaboration with Alan towards the end of the year. Really excited for things to come!




  • Ones to watch / upcoming artists for 2020?

Definitely watch out for follow brave Artist A.S.H he’s cooking up some big tunes at the moment. 




Words by Francesco Quieti