Well, this is something different. MEOKO is proud to present the Redpanda label showcase on our famed podcast series. Redpanda is a vinyl-only label from Moscow run by head honcho Roustam, known for comfortably fitting in as a back-to-
back partner with many of his former guests like Petre Inspirescu, Matt Tolfrey, Valentino Kanzyani, Seuil, Priku among
others. In this showcase Roustam is accompanied by fellow comrade Kurmyshev, serving us top shelf house and showing
their fluid and original styles. The set was recorded in ARMA17, which has cemented its reputation as one of Russia’s
finest clubs. They surprise us with hypnotic rhythms, experimental sounds and rolling percussions, creating an
incomparable atmosphere which gets to the very depth of our imagination. In this 128th MEOKO podcast Kurmyshev and
Roustam anticipate each other perfectly, feeling the same vibe and mix better than a Siamese twin. From Russia, with

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