S3A, short for Sampling As An Art is an alias for French DJ Max Fader. He uses this moniker to express his taste for Soul, Funk and Disco and celebrates the art of sampling by colouring his music with the many sounds from which he draws inspiration – always giving it his own touch, groove and feel. His DJ sets are known to be effective on the dance floor; subtle, funky and energetic. Not shy to use his MPC, S3A has been releasing on well-known labels such as Hold Youth, Concrete, 4Lux, Phonogramme and Local Talk. S3A is making a name for himself and is playing at one of the outdoor stages during the Weather Festival this summer in Paris. In this 127th MEOKO podcast we capture a DJ still very much at one with his craft. S3A finds the perfect balance between Soul, Funk and House – serving us layered dance floor music and exploding rhythms, leaving us a warm feeling. Get on the good foot!

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