Ever since Seb first discovered electronic music in 94, he has evolved right through many elements of the underground scene. He has forged a strong house and techno sound since establishing himself as a resident at Fuse, however, echoes of a more raw sound still permeate his music to devastating effect. His Seven Dials & F&Z labels gain huge support from the house & techno scene, as have his own releases and remixes on hotspots such as FUSE, INFUSE, Hot Creations, Play It Say It, and Four Thirty Two to name a few. 2021 so far sees Seb pushing his Seven Dials brand further and his debut album on Edible dropping in the summer. And it is precisely on the occasion of his debut LP called “Truth in My Steps” that we have the chance to have a word with Seb to share with you everything there is to know about it.

1) Tell us more about “Truth In My step”, your next album on Eat’s Everything label Edible.

I started this album around two and half years ago and it roughly took me 2/3 months to finish. It’s been a little frustrating waiting to release this but with a busy label/release schedule and then COVID it just wasn’t the right time but that being said it’s finally out and in my opinion, it’s stood the test of time, it’s still fresh.

2) What about the title? Why have you chosen it? What does “truth” mean to you?

The album reflects the steps that I’ve taken to get to this point of creating and the truth is within the varied sounds. I’ve experienced and traveled through a lot of sounds over my time and I just wanted to portray that.

3) Why on Edible? What’s your relationship with Eats Everything?

I never intended on doing an album, it was never even a passing thought. At that time Dan (Eats Everything) asked if I’d be up for doing an extended EP to follow up on my Slap Dash release. I just took the challenge and rolled with it and as a result created an album.

4) The album is highly UK/Bass/Garage influenced. As an Italian, I know very little about this genre. What elements make it unique?

That sound is my roots and where it began for me so over the years I’ve taken certain elements to create my own sound and you could say helped create the Fuse sound. The bass element is what I tend to use within my sound and that definitely appears in a lot of our Fuse records. I also love the skippy-ness of hats and beats.

5) What’s next for your label? Any new talents under the radar?

I’ll be releasing an EP a few months after the album and will continue to do follow-up releases from existing artists. Zac Stanton, Ben Jones, Timmy P, and Madvilla are all incredibly talented so watch out for these guys.

6) Your latest release on FUSE is dated 2019. Will we see you again soon on the label?

Yes, I have a remix on Rich NxT album, which will be out in May. I also have a few projects with Enzo and a solo project.

7) With 2020 being a shit year so far, I’m sure having a baby helped you go through such a tough period. How is your relationship with your baby? How is it to be a DJ-father now?

It’s so much fun being a dad and this pandemic has helped me bond with her more than ever. She just amazes me, every day she learns and discovers something new, it’s the best feeling in the world. Well, I haven’t properly worked in nearly a year so we haven’t crossed that bridge yet of me being away. It’ll be a new challenge but my fiancé is an incredible mother and I know she’ll smash it.

8) How does an artist move during a period of prolonged break? Did it help you to have a label?

I’ve just worked on productions and also kept busy as a dad. Honestly, it’s been nice to take a break from it all and reflect on what’s important in life.

9) What’s the first track you’re going to play in your very first show once the restrictions will be lifted?

I’ve been thinking about this one a lot, should it be a Fuse classic, house classic, something new…. who knows! I think I’ll leave it to the last minute to decide



Words by Francesco Quieti


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