The Secretsundaze Crew are back and ready to liven up London’s Summer with another sharp line up while other parties go on holiday for the hot season, Secretsundaze starts kicking off and catering for those that are London based.

Secretsundaze grew from its humble beginnings in London and Berlin to be one of Europe’s most respected Sunday fixtures. To prove the point, this year has seen them bring many important names; for the birthday party, Pampa oddball  & respected master of plates, DJ Koze, heads up a well-nurtured and underground line up.

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Co-founders & regulars Giles Smith and James Priestley will, as usual, open up the event., warming up for Paranoid London, a secretive DJ/live trio whose acid tunes became known to the public back in 2012, when they released the uber-successful ‘Pris Dub 1’ on their own imprint. Last May, they played live in Fabric alongside Ricardo Villalobos, and they will be back to entertain the dancing crowd with another live set. Given that one of London Paranoid is a vocalist, it can be easily imagined how this particular changes a lot in their performance.

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Kyle Hall brings his fractious, melodic beat driven style. The Detroit child, who has played several times already for Secretsundaze over the years, merges house, jazz, funk and much more: every track of his clearly reveals a deep knowledge of the musical heritage born from his hometown metropolis as well as a perfect understanding and fine taste for the current scene.

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Kyle’s mellow techno tunes are a perfect shift to the final take over of LB Duke Corp, a.k.a. Luke Slater. A great plaudits to the promoters for planning out such a flawless musical climax. Slater’s perfectly measured drops and gloomy, shady minimal sounds will be the last perfect sparkle of a party that seems to develop along the same, beautiful acid/techno wave.

For this first summer party after the sold-out May event, Secretsundaze will be back at the preferred location of Oval Space. Beguiling music and atmosphere: dancing on the terrace with the last warm sun-rays coming through Oval’s ribbon windows. Get your sunglasses on ’cause this one is looking bright!


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