Sedee are Germany’s best kept secret and steady answer to the last eight years of electronic music pouring out of Romania and providing feedback to the happenings in the global scene. Hiding behind this pseudonym are the two DJs and producers Sebastian Werle and David Nicolas who hail from Mannheim, the country’s hot bed for reduced yet seductively moving grooves. Since the dawn of time, Mannheim, also known as the capital of German Drum’n’Bass, has pushed the boundaries of local electronic music, and now it is clearly Sedee’s moment to shine. The two artists and Malonian label heads step up and show what is possible within one fluid and straight forward mix that is fun and quite a brainiac workout, all at the same time. Moving swiftly through different scenarios, their mix is a seesaw of emotions that does not shy away from stylistic shifts and meandering wandering. Very microhousey tunage gets blended with deeper stuff, then garageey vibes shimmer through, and before we notice, they settle for funky carnage, before the whole perpetuum mobile gets going once more. Whilst their respective energies fuse and their identities become one, the mix maintains an airy bipolarity that creates a great tension within their spectrum. Great stuff gone local and vice-versa.

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