Seekers as a party and an exclusively vinyl label joins the flight of wandering artists as they move from location to the next, organising intimate and musically inspiring events across Europe. Starting with an opening island party on Ibiza Underground and then moving onto an Italian showcase in Venice, the imprint will travel in classic dance music style to the mecca of underground music; Berlin, on the 29th of November at renowned underground venue, Anita Berber for their Seekers 001 Release Party

This fresh collective of artists choose to remain anonymous when it comes to the label’s productions, and their first EP is no exception. Initially previewed to the public last October of this year, the new release has already garnered full support from DJs like Javier Monero and of course Francesco Del Garda and Alex Picone. Their debut is a delightful combination of atmospheric, deep and avant guard sounds. “A Bit” remains in the hearts of many with its emotional grasp it has on listeners, while “Slicky” gives us a surprising hint of old school. Their last track, “Small Room” continues the ride into heavier duty sounds that bounce off walls, echoing an alternate universe. 


Their event in Berlin is a special one indeed, as it marks their first label release party, which means clubbers will get the chance to hear the new highly anticipated EP in full force: On the dance floor, played by the DJs that supported this piece of music in the first place. MEOKO is pleased to announce that Francesco Del Garda and Alex Picone make up the line up with sought-after Romanian DJ, Alexandra, who has been notching up gigs at some of Europe’s most exciting events, and Italian Riccardo, the label boss of respected independent label, Imprints Records. Already having the honour to present the first three artists in MEOKO’s mix series, keep your eyes peeled for our next episode as we invite Riccardo and his label partner for an exclusive Imprints showcase. 



● Alexandra

● Francesco Del Garda

● Alex Picone

● Riccardo


A seeker is “someone who has become enlightened in the ways of the universe by accepting they know nothing about it”. Seekers reaches out to all those curious types, clued up clubbers, music lovers and vinyl diggers to create a perfect party atmosphere with cutting edge sounds (albeit via traditional forms) in the perfect location. 




Anita Berber is a special place to those in the know, and to those tourists that were brave (or curious) enough to go beyond the boundaries of Berlin’s busy areas. Tucked away from the beaten track, Anita Berber sits amongst other cosy, creative and converted warehouse bars, clubs and galleries on Gerichtstraße in Berlin’s Wedding. Even further from view, this dark and intimate venue is hidden above a flight of stairs in a grand building of pre war decadence. Once inside its cosy confines, it is possible to view a display of photographs in memory of the city’s infamous cabaret dancer during the Weimar period, of which the venue is named after. Instead of cabaret, its dance music, and artists that have turned the dance floor sideways include Slow Life, Lize Records members, Sammy Dee, Mike Shannon and other underground heroes. Anita Berber certainly seems like the ideal venue to house a Seekers event. 



Seekers 001 Release Party With Alexandra, Francesco Del Garda, Alex Picone & Riccardo


29 November 2014

23:59 – 12:00


Anita Berber

Gerichtstrasse 23; Wedding; 

13347 Berlin

This is a guest list event, so please send your names to 


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