We are pleased to announce a brand new night at London’s iconic party pub, The Lion and Lamb. Silverlining Dubs in the Pub (i) is the first of what hopefully will be a long series of events tied to the legendary British producer, Silverlining. Sharing the venue’s booth with the London veteran will be 100Hz (live), LE Bass and Sam Don.


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To give you an idea of what a night is going to be, we have an exclusive 100Hz mix ready to set you in the right mood!



Few artists have gone through over 20 years of career. Among these, the UK institution Silverlining is one of the most emblematic. To those who were around during the 1990s, his name might evoke feverish scenes of rumbling bass-lines, flickering high hats and dubbed out vocals in cavernous underground spaces. To those hearing it for the first time, there is a freshness and authenticity that emerges from his trademark aesthetic. One thing is evident: the Silverlining sound has proven to withstand the sands of time.


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His intention, back in 1993, was to have a go at making some records that smelted the shuffle-heavy grooves of US house, the abstract energy of Detroit and deep techno. Before long, he was invited to play his first gigs from Brixton to Berlin to Buenos Aires, which have followed by several appearances over the years on more than 40 countries and hundreds of venues, within which he had the chance to express all his diverse influences and styles, constantly reinventing himself without ever abandoning his underground roots.



His productions span numerous other genres, with a breadth of taste adjoined by an unmistakable yet uncontainable groove that branches out between unique blend of house, techno, electro and splashes of disco. Silverlining, aka Asad Rizvi, has indeed created memorable tracks such as ‘Breezin Thru’ and ‘System Error’ produced alongside Nathan Coles under their Two Right Wrongans alias, which was one of the highlights during Pedro’s set at SW23.



Over recent years, he has released tracks on labels such as Moss Co, Berg Audio, Talman, See Double, Neotropiq, as well as his own Silverlining Dubs label to make the music accessible to ordinary vinyl buyers.




Silverlining will be joined tomorrow by 100Hz, who is another legend of the UK club scene and a close associate of Bosconi Records.



Alongside them will be one of London’s finest underground DJs of the last 25 years, LE Bass, all exquisitely warmed up on an eclectic tip by digger extraordinaire, Sam Don. It’s set to be a massive night of good music and positive vibes on the dance-floor.


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Words by Francesco Quieti